Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things That Go BOOM!

I figured I should probably get this up before it becomes totally irrelevant and outdated. lol I'm up earlier than expected and the SwagBucks goal is relatively low, so I should have time. Still don't like blogging on the laptop, but the wireless adapter should be here Thursday! *fingers crossed*

A little background: Aaron has been making some zombie heads for sale as shooting targets. Zombies are really big right now and people (gun people) are all over the idea of getting to shoot them. Anyway, he made one for his uncle, one for some friends and one for us. Sunday the four of us went out to the shooting range where his uncle works to shower the finished heads with some devastation. First up, the finished heads:

The half-blind one was for his uncle to shoot with the cannon (yes, cannon)

The swampy grey one was for his buddies who go fishing together regularly.

And the spooky chick was ours.

They got here early, so we packed up the heads and headed out. The drive was shorter than we expected and I waved to Brak when we passed her house. She couldn't see it, but that's ok. ;) We got out to the range and Aaron's mom and uncle were all ready for us. There was almost nobody else there and his uncle took us to a back area. Special treat for Aaron's birthday, which is Thursday. Now, I have to say I'm not really a gun person and when we heard this man bought a cannon I seriously rolled my eyes. That being said...

I got to fire a cannon!! hehehe Yeah, that's me. I had to admit the cannon thing was a lot of fun. We each got to fire it off and that zombie head took it! Seriously impressive. That's not to say it didn't take some damage.

LOL So freakin' awesome. Yeah, we didn't have cannon "balls". His uncle made rounds with pvc pipe and pellets. Actually, the first shot had .22 bullets in it, the next two had pellets and mine had gravel. lol That shot up head will now be on display every Sunday when they're working in the office. :D

Here's my sexy firing off the cannon:

After that his uncle headed back to the office and left us to the shooting. I'm glad Rob was there (you'll meet him in a second), because he was the one with actual gun experience. He loaded and set up the gun for me each time.

There's the guys. Rob, Nathan and Aaron. We all went over gun safety (you learn things if you watch the right kind of tv LOL) while Rob loaded up. Then we all took turns. We weren't expecting the heads to be able to take much damage, but it turns out a styrofoam centered zombie head can take quite a bit of .22 shots. We each got four clips with 10 rounds a piece. Thanks to Aaron I have video of my first time ever holding and firing a weapon.

Sadly I think I missed every shot in that video... :p During my next rounds we all got into a rhythm and Aaron and Rob helped me aim better. Rob got first shot since he's the 'new' friend.

He's the only one who shot from that far back. Totally nailed 'em. Nathan was up next.

He wanted to try the action-cop pose to see if it helped. He said it did. I didn't try it, though. Was self-conscious enough. :p Then my Aaron.

He hates that pic cuz he says it makes him look hunchbacked. Sorry, Bubba! He did really well, though. A lot better at lining up the sight than I was. I went last because I was the least enthusiastic about shooting things.

See how close I am?! LOL I actually did hit them that time. I did pretty well suck, but it let the guys feel manly helping me out and it did prompt me to decide I should probably take the gun safety course. Because you never know, right? It's like CPR. Best to be prepared. So his uncle is going to kindly come out of retirement long enough to teach me and help me figure out which gun I'm most comfortable with. :)

I have to admit... I had a lot of fun. That's another reason I want to learn. Get myself a little pink gun and we can go out there and shoot stuff. lol Oh, you're probably wondering about the damage, huh? That's the weird part, between the bullets going clear through and the latex heating up and re-sealing, it wasn't quite as devastating as we all imagined it would be. (except the cannon) I'll show you anyway:

hehehe They were both actually loaded with blood, but the male head had this black blood and was harder to see. It was all a learning experience. Now he can take his knowledge, make more heads, and actually be able to give more information about how they'll react. :D Field research. LOL

I am going to give it it's own post at some point, but you know I'm such a polish addict and I was thinking of y'all, so here's a preview of Orly Mysterious Curse:

LOL Yep. On my way back to the table I thought "Oh shit, I should totally get a picture of my polish!" XD Awful. So, yeah, we all had a great time. Now my wrists and nails are hurting from this tiny laptop keyboard so I think I'll load up Sims and start SBTV going. Still have to hit those daily goals. I swear today I'll catch up on everyone else's blogs. I need to repaint my nails, too. Almost a whole nail's polish has chipped off and that's just unacceptable. ;) Take care and I hope y'all enjoyed this post.


  1. Now that's a NOTD photo like I've never seen before. :)

    1. lol Thanks. :) Variety is the spice of life, right?

  2. Replies
    1. Aaron says thanks. He's hoping to have time to make more soon.


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