Sunday, October 14, 2012

Temporary Hiatus

Hey guys. I have a headache like you would not believe. So my dad got me a new computer for my birthday. We couldn't find the one I wanted, but we still got what I thought was going to be a pretty good one anyways. I'm sure it is. I mean, it plays Sims beautifully. Runs so smoothly my Sims have an extra 3 hours in their days. The problem is it not wanting to connect to the internet. :( My old wireless adapter apparently wasn't compatible with Windows 7 so we went out and got a cable to connect me to the router. Then I'm getting this Error 651 message which I finally fixed by stealing copying the driver off of my mom's computer. Which was an experience in itself, let me tell ya. Now I'm getting some Error 797 message and guess what? Damn thing can't find the modem! Like, at all. It's trying to tell me it doesn't have a modem when I saw the thing with my own eyes when I opened the case to see what kind of upgrade options I had. The answer: few. I'll be buying more memory and I may be able to install the firewire adapter, but little more than that. If anything. So rather than Frankenputer II, I have what I have dubbed MiniFranken. I do have one nail art and I'm wearing Mysterious Curse just because my naked nails were giving me an even bigger headache. I went to bed and was aware that not only were my nails naked, I had no desire to paint them. So I had to paint them just to get that feeling to go away. We're headed to the gun range to shoot at some zombie heads today which I'll have pictures and video of that. I just don't know if I'll feel like blogging on the laptop much. :/ I ordered a new wireless adapter which should be here in a week or so... Until then I guess I at least have a snazzy comp for Simming.... I'm hoping Dave (my computer guru) will get on messenger at some point. He always takes good care of me. If not then at least the adapter should fix it. ....hey, to add insult to injury, fixing that 651 error is making the connection manager pop up randomly. Had to just fix that to 'never connect'. I hope it fixed it. Can't imagine a whole week of Sims with that popping up. In any case, I do still have the laptop and will try to keep up with everyone else's blogs. As it is, though, it's a bit of a struggle just to reach my SwagBucks goals. So, we'll see, I guess. Just wanted to let y'all know I'm not dead or anything. Just very very frustrated. I'm gonna throw on some makeup and Sim now. Maybe shooting something will make me feel better....


  1. Don't stay away for too long, I'll miss reading your blog!

    1. Aw! Thank you. :) I'm going to try and post today. We had SO much fun at the range. I definitely think we'll be going back.


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