Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sinful Colors: Innocent & Cover Girl: Jack-O-Lantern

OMG I'm gonna cry! *cries* hehehe Ok, not really, but still. I expected a poor showing out of Jack-O-Lantern, but nothing like I got! You'll see. First up I have Sinful Colors: Innocent. Ya know, because it's still Sinful Saturday!

That lovely yellow-green I lurve. If this isn't your normal kind of color, then that makes it even better for Halloween! It's like slime! Or... boogers.... ??

Ok, what I did here was I painted it on and then used the Julep drops and then about an hour later before bed I used the spray and actually had minimal damage. I had a fingerprint on my left hand, no idea where that came from; and a dig in my right, but that was from knocking it into another bottle like a spaz. No topcoat, though, so the near lack of damage is promising. Maybe one day I'll run into a bottle of Seche Vite on clearance to see if that lives up to the hype, but until then I'll still be looking for something to flash dry my nails. ;) One of my friends found a thing online that said to immerse your fingers in a bowl of ice-water, but... we don't really keep ice. :/

Anyway, since it's finally nearing Halloween I was a tad excited to get Jack-O-Lantern knocked off my 'untried' list. Last time I wore it was a bit unsuccessful. It did crackle, but then promptly flaked off. Sorry my camera back then didn't have macro. lol

Can you see that? Well I had read something online that said these long-ago crackles worked differently and you were supposed to apply it while the base polish was still slightly wet. So... I started with my pinky and a thin layer of topcoat and then brushed the crackle over that and...

That was just a gloopy mess. So I tried two more fingers with a thinnish, then thickish, layer of the crackle and it did next to nothing. Didn't even flake off like it did before. Is it possible this polish is past it's prime? Regular polish can last forever, but these old crackles... I don't know. This was supposed to look wicked cool with the green and orange. :( I apologize. Tomorrow I'll have something way cooler for you. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


  1. Well that did not crackle at all, YIKES!

    1. Right?! I could not believe it! I've thought about just throwing it out, but... I can't bring myself to do it... I'm such a hoarder. lol


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