Monday, October 8, 2012

Sally Hansen: Gilded Pearl Chrome + "Egyptian" Design

Hello again. Time for another Metallic Monday. Is it just me, or are the weeks just flying by? We did some jungle mowing this morning so hopefully tomorrow (if I remember) I'll be picking up the material for my costume and hopefully the sewing machine still works. *fingers crossed* In the meantime I still have my nails and SwagBucks to keep me busy. First, the nails!

Gilded Pearl Chrome is kind of my go-to gold for stamping. I did use two coats for this, but it does work great for stamping. It's not really gold, but nearly.

I mentioned that today was one of Aaron's ideas (tomorrow's will be, too), and I really wish I could have done a little better. Of course it would have helped if I had more than one stamping plate with anything even remotely Egyptian looking...

That's "nail art" plate m28 for the cobra on my index finger. The rest are free-handed hieroglyphics.

I worked from right-to-left and you can see how I managed to gain control of my nail art pen on the very last nail! -_- Such a spazz. The "hook" and "hand" are pretty recognizable, I guess. My pinky is supposed to be the "reed". I'll be doing the mummy water marble on Saturday, but Aaron's idea was more the gold Egyptian look. Because Egypt is more than mummies. ;) Or something. Ok, his idea for tomorrow is seriously wicked awesome and I really hope I can pull it off. You're gonna love it. I'm going to try and reach my SB goal before we have to head out for the midnight release of Dishonored. I guess they don't count Columbus Day as a "weekend" over at SwagBucks so the goal is a little higher than I was hoping for.... Ah well, I need the monies! LOL Take care, y'all!!


  1. May I ask where you got this nail polish from, please?! :D

    1. Oh goodness, I got this a long time ago. I don't think any store would sell it, but I did find this store on eBay that has a bunch of them reasonably priced:

      I hope that helps! ^_^


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