Monday, October 1, 2012

Sally Hansen: Copper Chrome (stamped)

*YAWNS* MMmmm. Ended up walking 3 miles through the woods today. Been so long since we've done that I'm absolutely beat. Not to mention I woke up a few times last night which didn't help. Still, I'm here and I have another Halloween themed nail art for you. Happy October!! So excited. Aaron has more zombie heads to work on and plans to shoot the other ones are being formed. I don't really like guns, but even I'm a bit excited to be there for that.

Copper Chrome is, as the name suggests, a copper chrome. Yes it could have used a second coat, but I knew stamping was in the future so I just left it. Again, ultra quick dry time. Ultra!!

I was kind of freaking out over what to do for Halloween on Metallic Monday (better get my act together cuz there will be a couple more!), but then I had a really cute idea.

Remember Bundle Monster Plate 224? No? Oh... well... I used those little swirls on something and now I can't figure out what. Oops. Anyway, this time I used the pumpkin with the vines.

Took that in the shade so I wouldn't kill the images with the glare. I used just the vine on alternating nails (two for the thumb) and the pumpkin on my index and ring finger. By the time I got to my index figure I decided to see if I could get the orange to show up and it did! I'll be showing you that orange tomorrow. ;)

hehehe Like a little Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin patch. I won't cheat and use that again so drink it in!

I don't quite recall why I didn't post these next pics yesterday. Except, maybe because they were on my phone and I forgot. Anyway, yesterday we went to CiCi's pizza because Aaron was hungry and wanted to see if he could beat his original post-surgery record of 10 slices. I did not. I had 9.

Not entirely diet-unfriendly since I had mostly the spinach alfredo pizza and they're really skinny slices and we don't eat the crusts. Unless they're stuffed. But they weren't so we didn't. Also, that's not a fly, it's a chunk of spinach that had landed on the table... *ahem* Aaron demolished his previous record with a whopping 14 slices.

Considering we couldn't even eat out before his surgery (see below for a Cliff's Notes version of achalasia) these moment are very happy moments for me. The real icing on this pizza cake, though, was this:

That is one impressive 'fro. LOL No worries, I was as discreet as possible when taking that picture. Seriously, though, don't see too much of those anymore and I like 'em. Generally more on chicks, but hey. I'll take what I can get. I've got some more Halloween themed goodness for you tomorrow, so come on back and see what I've cooked up. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Ok, so I've mentioned it twice now and most of the medical stuff online can get a bit confusing. Achalasia is a condition (found predominantly in men) where the valve opening to the stomach essentially dies and closes shut. It's thought to be triggered by stress. We didn't know this at first, just that Aaron had a hard time swallowing food and getting it to go down. 5 years into our marriage we finally got a referral to see a gastroenterologist (Dr. White, who is fantastic) who got him diagnosed and used a balloon to ease the valve open again. This worked great for a year or so, but then the muscle slowly started cinching up again. Then about 2 years ago it closed up completely and none of his previous tricks worked to get the food to go down. Serious liquid diet. So we went back to Dr. White and he got us hooked up with a surgeon who sliced through the valve, opened everything up and now he can swallow more or less just like anybody else. So, yeah. That got a bit more detailed than I expected, but if you know anybody who has a problem like this and doesn't know what's going on or thinks it's no big deal, it's a simple camera down the throat to diagnose this condition. It can get very bad very quickly (like overnight) so better safe than sorry. Not trying to, like, create panic or anything, but it is a thing and forewarned is forearmed.


  1. Cute mani and a seriously impressive 'fro! Hope Aaron is feeling ok, and that his condition stays manageable.

    1. Thanks. :D Yeah, it's been almost two years and so far everything is good. He'll get wicked heartburn from time to time, but that just means the valve is still open; so it's kind of a good thing.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :D I'm hoping to have a couple more before the end of the month.


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