Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Orly: Mysterious Curse w/ Compare & Runts: Banana w/ Toxic Tips

Yep, bit of a mouthful, but I wanted to be a bit less vague than "nail polish catch up". Still on the laptop which is destroying my back, wrists and nerves, but I don't want to fall out of the habit of blogging (and getting madly behind) just because I'm fighting with my desktop. Adapter should be in tomorrow! *fingers crossed*

Turns out I only took the one picture of Mysterious Curse by itself. Just to refresh your memory:

Mysterious Curse went on really smoothly and took two coats. I wish there were more Orlys I like. For some reason I see them and think "meh". Except Be Brave from their breast cancer line-up. I do want that. I did, fortunately, remember to compare it to Models Own: Purple Blue and China Glaze Bizarre Blurple... which I thought I had worn, but I guess not? Anyway, here's the rundown.

Mysterious Curse on my index and pinky, Purple Blue on my middle finger and Bizarre Blurple on my ring finger. BB is more of a blue-purple mix, whereas MC is more of a blue-purple duchrome. PB, as you can see, is kind of a grainy deep purple with blue shimmer. lol

Before Mysterious Curse and my battle with MiniFranken, I was wearing Runts: Banana. I didn't get any pics of it alone, but I had to use it because I want it linked, but I couldn't put yellow on my toes again and... yeah. I got so excited about the tips that I forgot.

Oh, sorry, that's actually upside-down...

There we are. I actually didn't have too many problems with Banana. Yes, it did have that pungent "fake banana" smell, but it went away fairly quickly. I was really stoked about the drips. The only neon green I could trust to be opaque enough to really pop was China Glaze: I'm With The Lifeguard. Fantastic.

I just used a dotting tool to make the drip outline and then the brush to fill in the rest of the tips. If I had known what was about to happen I would have just left this on!! It really looked phenomenal in real life. I hope you get even part of it's awesomeness coming through the pictures. I am still trying to work on my list. Will hopefully have another simple art for you tomorrow. Just, ya know, wanted to get this up. Now to post this up on facebook, make dinner, finish earning swagbucks and hopefully have time to Sim.... This week has just been insane. Just as soon as I can hit that SB goal early I'll start working on my costume.... Hope everyone's doing ok out there!!


  1. Long time no comment, I'm sorry :( awesome combo though for the aptly named toxic tips :) and I really like Mysterious curse in the comparison but on it's own it kind of falls flat? Bizarre Blurple is great though!

    1. It's ok, I've been getting a bit behind myself. I think I'll have to wear Mysterious Curse again. It really deserves more pictures. Great seeing you back here. :)


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