Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Misa: When U Say My Name & Haystacks

Geez... I woke up late, but thought I got lucky when I completed a survey and reached my SwagBucks goal all early. Went outside and finished putting the spiderweb design on my Lydia poncho, walked for about half an hour (did I input that into the Walgreen site?.... I think I did....). I was informed last night that my facebook profile picture is having some rather disturbing effects on people, so I vowed to take a new one today. Straightened my hair, got my contacts in, went to blog so I could do my nails without having anything else to do and... realized I was two days behind again. *facepalm* I'm here now, though, and I guess it's not that late yet. So without any further delay here is Misa's When U Say My Name:

Doesn't that just send shivers up your spine? "Say my name" "Lizzy" *shivers* hehehe *ahem*

I loved this color when I first put it on. After 3 days it's starting to wear thin. I do like it, but... ya know. It's a lovely deep brown that I was going to compare to Mink and Chocolate Kiss, but I forgot... I will do that at some point. Just been super busy with Halloween right around the corner!!

Ready for my haystacks?

I was so happy when Aaron knew what they were supposed to be right away. :D I did a half-circle of Hybrid to give the 'stacks some depth and then I used a nail art brush (not the snipped one, lol) and Sun-Sational do draw them on. Which is why it never hurts to hang onto colors you're not thrilled about wearing on their own! Never know when it's going to be needed for art.

Uh-huh. So minus my little upcoming Julep splurge I've been really good about not randomly buying polish. Have my mind set on A England (58% there!) so that helps. Still, there were a couple I had to get. I probably could have done without two more Sinfuls (Muse and Secret Admirer), but even for 99cents (with the card) these were the only ones I really wanted. The Orly (Be Brave), I had to have.

I know, I know, more glitter. :p Seriously, though, this one looks fabulous and I can't wait to wear it. Also, a portion of the profits are going to breast cancer research. Ok, the call has been sounded and it's time to pick up dinner! Guess I'll figure out what to do with my face (*ugh*) when I get back and get to picture taking. And nail painting. This yellow is getting to be too much as well.... I'll be wearing Bizarre Blurple finally, so come on back to check that out. I'll be stamping it, too, so there's that... ok, bye!


  1. Gorgeous shade! And very cute haystacks lol. Here we only see those big round balls of hay in plastic, not as fun as a real haystack.
    The pink Orly glitter looks super cute, can't wait to see it!

    1. We only get to see the big round balls as well. I much prefer the stacks visually, but I'm sure there's some reason they don't use those anymore. Unfortunately I probably won't get around to that Orly until next month, but at least it's only a week away. :D


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