Tuesday, October 2, 2012

KleanColor: Neon Orange & ....art?

Hello everybody! *waves* Summer may be officially over (finally!), but neon polish need not fear the Fall! Neon Orange is a perfect color for Halloween! (so are red, yellow, green... LOL)

This is another polish I inherited from Ricky when he moved and this one was so much nicer than Mango. Both the formula and the color! Two beautiful, bright coats over one coat of Snow Me White.

Yeah, I have a bit of trouble getting a clean clean-up line with white undies, but it's not as obvious in person. After my last swirly water marble, I thought that might be a keen idea for the neon orange. Unfortunately, none of my oranges wanted to spread in the water. Neon or otherwise. Then I remembered Colette's Video that inspired the swirl in the first place. She used a clear polish to marble with and guess what?

After a few drops of polish thinner I discovered that my Models Own top/basecoat polish works well for water marble! I mighta shoulda used fresh water today, but I think it came out well enough.

Water marble for my accent nail and Salon Perfect Cracked Coal for a funky french effect. Sorry Abbie (and anyone else who hates crackle), but there will be a couple of those this month. lol Since I went and set my sights high I started making a list of nail arts and stuff for the month and between Aaron and myself we have the list half-full. Woohoo! He's got some great ideas you're going to love. Tomorrow isn't going to be "Halloween" per se, but I am doing my Julep October combo polishes. So, yes, crackle again tomorrow. Then it looks like another on Saturday. I have some stamping lined up, some different french ideas and at least one more water marble because I'm determined to pull off Colette's mummy marble.

Before I send you on your way, let me leave you with this one little pre-Halloween fright:

EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I had to get a picture before Aaron taped it up and filled it with latex. ;) Happy Tuesday, y'all!!


  1. I agree that neons have a place in Halloween! The accent water marble looks cool like the inside of a cauldron....omg you could do a water marble that looks like a potion being brewed and then add bubbles and frogs legs sticking out! That'd be cooool.
    I'm sorry but that mask thing is so scary!!! LOL

    1. OMG That's a great idea! It's going on the list. :D Dunno how I would do frogs legs, but I'll see what I have. ;)

  2. The flakie pieces look like gold on the nails. Love it :)


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