Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Julep: Lisa & Hermoine

So, my mom's dermatologist loved my nails. ;) lol Her next appointment is right after my birthday so I may be hitting Sephora next month. *fingers crossed* Ok, so I started with one coat of Lisa which Julep describes as a "warm pebble grey creme".

Lovely! Yes, one coat. Didn't take forever to dry.

I went ahead with my Boho Glam box because Hermoine is a white crackle polish, and I don't have one of those!

My initial reasoning for this as a "Halloween" combo was because Hermoine, of course, was the name of that girl wizard in Harry Potter.

The more I looked at it, though, I thought to myself, "Hey, this looks like those fancy white pumpkins! Kewl!" Imagine how stupid I felt when I got back inside and found this sitting right next to my computer....

Durp. LOL I have an idea for tomorrow (I actually filled my list with ideas!) and I really hope it turns out half as good as it looks in my head. I'm going to be trying something new and I'm not 100% sure how or if it will actually work, but we'll see!

In other, quick, news. SwagBucks is doing a team challenge for October. Vampires vs. Zombies. I was assigned to Team Zombie (YES!) and last I checked we were in the lead. Thankfully there's only a 20SB difference between the prizes for winners and losers so even if my team loses, I'll still count myself as a winner. :) Hope everyone's having a great week!

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