Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fantasy Makers: Nail In The Coffin & Ghostly Design

Hello lovelies. I was going to post this up yesterday, but Aaron went to hang out with his friends and I couldn't resist the opportunity to make more progress on LA Noire. I'm so close to finishing it! I have a couple of exciting things to share (I hope I can remember them all!), but first up let's take a look at Nail In The Coffin.

What we have here is a black not-cream-but-not-shimmery black base with teeny multi-color shimmers.

This is two coats and it dried pretty quickly. I was a bit concerned because it felt really cheap at first. The first coat was all streaky and blah looking, but the second one smoothed everything out. :p Sorry for the tipwear. I'd been wearing it a couple of days.

My design this time almost met my vision. It would have been better if A) I had more ghost plates and B) I could have found those other sponges.

I stamped the ghosties on with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Bundle Monster plate BM223. It showed a lot more opaque than I expected, but I had a hard time with such an open design. Had to scrape very carefully so I didn't pull all of the polish out. :p The fog is sponged on with Ulta Concrete Evidence and then I went over once more lightly with Snow Me White to make it look more... fog-like.

I finished off with a quick coat of Warpaints Beauty Mattify. Like that texture in the fog? The sponge started to pull off. :p Kinda cute all together. I just have to keep my eyes open for some different ghosts. Update Time!

Ok, first off I ordered 2GB more memory for MiniFranken. I have the 4GB thingy on my amazon wishlist, but all I had money for was the 2GB. That alone, though, should make MiniFranken run like pantyhose. In a good way, of course. lol Aaron says I need to just start putting money aside and buy up computer pieces to build my own so it'll work properly the first time. I really want to, it's just that a really good motherboard is so expensive! :/ We'll see...

Today, at his insistance, I'll be picking up Orly's Be Brave. I don't know if I'm going to get to wear it this month, but I'll at least have it before it disappears. I also got my Julep "pick your box" alert for next month. I was going to add Elizabeth so I could wear my name for my birthday, but Julep went and surprised me by releasing suedes!! *dies* I'm a little confused because they're also including their matte topcoat with the It Girl box, so I don't know if they'll dry matte, or just look suede with the matte topcoat... Doesn't really matter because I switched to the It Girl Box and went ahead and added the other three suedes not included with it. hehehe I had some rewards points available to use so I'm getting five polishes plus the matte topcoat for $30. If you want to join the fun, I urge you to check out my Collection Page, scroll down to Julep and check them out. Then if you're interested use my referral link to sign up! It's really pretty exciting and so easy to skip a month if you can't afford it or aren't super psyched about the colors.

Ok, enough shameless self-promotion. lol Last bit of news is that I finally started working on my Halloween costume yesterday. I'm dressing up as Lydia from the old Beetlejuice cartoon. Aaron's doing Beetlejuice from the movie. Anyway, we were at Goodwill on Friday and he spotted the perfect black bodysuit to wear under the red spiderweb poncho. I thought for sure that was going to be the hard part! So yesterday I sewed the poncho and today I'll go out and draw on the spiderweb lines. We picked up a fabric pen at Walmart and if it works like it's supposed to, then I should be done in about half an hour. Hardest part will be the hair, but Aaron swears he found the perfect tutorial on YouTube, so I guess I just have to trust him on that one.

I think that's it. Anybody else dressing up for Halloween this year? What are you going to be? Hope you're all having a great weekend!


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