Friday, October 5, 2012

Essence: Pink Glam & Spiderweb Tips

OMG I can't believe I'm so late posting up today! Actually, ok, I kinda can. I got involved playing LA Noire and didn't end up doing any dishes either. ;) I'll... work on that tomorrow... possibly. *ahem* Just because it's Halloween time doesn't mean I can't keep trying to swatch colors I haven't yet. It also doesn't mean you can't do something delicate and feminine either. Essence Pink Glam is, I assume, part of a french manicure line they put out... at some point. I haven't researched it. If you recall I found this (and it's apricot colored counterpart) hidden in the discount box at Ulta. The only two bottles hinting at a collection somewhere.

I think Pink Glam gets the award for sheerest polish ever. That's two coats. After the first coat the shimmer was the only indication that I had put anything on my nails at all!

My idea this time around was sort of a semi-non-traditional funky frenchy french. Sort of? I'm going to say up-front that this is more of a visual idea for you than a real expert execution of my vision.

See what I mean? Spiderweb tips in the traditional french tip colors. If I had a nail art pen instead of brushes I think it would have turned out much better.

Still, you should get the idea. One white line across my nail line there, then two more at angles and then the curved cross-lines to make it look spiderwebby. So. You may (or may not) be wondering how I pulled this off with a nail art brush?

I ordered that 3-pack off of eBay, right? Well, I took the longest one with bristles about 2-inches long which I couldn't fathom using successfully as-is and snipped it down for better control. Which did help. Not 100%, obviously, but it did help.

Welp, got a bit more to earn on SwagBucks (have to do my part to keep Team Zombie in the lead!) and some McDonalds to walk off, so I'll see you tomorrow! I'll warn you now, it is another crackle. Don't give me that look! This one is actually Halloween-named! :p Take care, y'all. Be safe this weekend.


  1. Super cute idea Lizzy! You did it well, it looks really cool :)


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