Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Essence: LOL +Monster Nails +Yellow-Green Compare

I had debated not adding everything into the title, but... *shrugs* I just started typing and that's what came out. Today's creation (hehehe Aaron's snoring) *ahem* Today's creation is "monster nails". My vision was "If I was going to dress up like a creature, how would I do my nails to make them look like monster nails?" Well, I didn't quite reach my vision, thanks to only having dense make-up sponges for sponging, but it's still kinda gross looking. I started with one coat of essence L.O.L:

This is the one I thought was a repackaged Lime Up! and so the comparison will be later. I think I'm getting the hang of these double-wide brushes.

And I didn't clean up because I was about to get right into arting. Sort of.

This was supposed to look a lot more textured. I sponged on a (thicker than anticipated) layer of Lexington Yellow followed by a sponged layer of Poet-Tree. Finished off by sponging just the very tips with Onyx Rush. Ya know, cuz monsters are always digging in stuff... Maybe? Anyway, I topped the whole thing off with matte topcoat.

My real concern, I guess, is that I'm supposed to do Frankenstein inspired tomorrow and I had a vision in my head and it... looks a bit like this... different, but very similar. So I may be switching some things around on my list. Just to keep it interesting. I may not always be good, but no one's every accused me of being not interesting. ;)

Time for the fugly yellow-green polish comparison!

I've got Pure Ice Wild Thing, Sinful Colors Innocent, essence Lime Up! and, of course, essence L.O.L. You can tell a bit of difference in the bottles, but I was surprised at the differences I noticed on the nails. Each of these is two coats.

I know it's out of focus, but this one showed the color differences best. Wild Thing is the most blue-toned one out of the four, also appears to have the deepest color. If that makes sense. Innocent is slightly more yellow and the brightest of the four. Lime Up! is the most yellow and, unless I'm a total spaz, looks to be the most sheer. Shocking. L.O.L is close to Lime Up!, but not quite as yellow. If I had switched those two I'd actually have a fairly subtle hombre going on there. You know what that means? I only need one more yellow-green cream polish! XD How perfect would that be?

Doing good still reaching my internet-money goals. Almost halfway to my A England haul. :D So stoked. Definitely getting Dragon this time around. Even if I have to wait on others. Dorian Grey and Dragon are for sure on the list. Aaron went out last night and watched a movie with some of his friends so I played L.A. Noire (yes, I know it's spelled wrong, that's the title) and got a couple of achievements. Working on collection the gold film reels with the help of a wiki and I honestly don't see how anybody ever found those without help! So out of the way. I guess I should probably wake him up and go grab dinner. lol Take care, guys!

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