Friday, October 19, 2012

Essence: Grey-t To Be Here + Tombstone Art + Award!

I'm baaaaaaaack! Actually, I can't make any polish promises at this point. It's October, our busiest month, and money's always super tight in October so I kind of need to conserve the cotton balls and remover. Still, I'm back on a proper desktop computer. My wireless adapter came in the mail yesterday and it's so tiny! LOL I wish I had gotten a picture, but I was so excited to get it installed. No more laptop! Actually, I still have the laptop set up. It's got SBTV going off to my side so I can make my e-money and still do what I want to do on the internet. Or Sims. I can Sim and make money at the same time now. :)

Anyway, the only thing I don't really like so far is Windows 7. Not that the little animations they threw in aren't kinda neat... it eats up so much memory! I should be able to get 2GB of memory for about $10 on amazon, though. No biggie. Or maybe I can talk Dave into hooking me up for my birthday! If I ever hear from him again... Starting to worry....

Anyway, that's probably not at all why you're here, huh? You want some nail polish, right? ;) Okay, okay, I suppose I can quit stalling and show you some polish. lol

Nice, huh? essence Grey-t To Be Here is, I guess, a grey cream with pink shimmer. It might just be me, but it really comes off as more of a grey-lavendar, because of the pink? Not just in the pictures, either. It was like that in real life, too. This is two coats and while the first coat dried quickly I still used the quick-dry drops for the second. Just in case. *sssshhhhhh*

I had this vision in my head of doing a whole graveyard scene with different tombstones and maybe some grass.... Didn't quite work out that way. The shimmer in Grey-t To Be Here was more prominent than I anticipated and kinda threw me off...

Still, that's kinda cute. In a really understated kind of way. I just drew it on with my one nail art pen. I was going to use my clipped brush, but I figured the pen would give me more control.

I promised myself I'd start work on my costume tomorrow, so today I'm definitely going to try my hardest to pull of the ghost/fog image I have in my head without crapping out like that again. Just need to find the other sponge Aaron gave me... Hrm.

I got another award! It's another one from one of my lovely Brazilian followers, so it translates as "Kiss". :)

This one is from Miriam Helena over at Cantinho dos Esmaltes, which translates to "Corner Enamels" or, I guess "Polish Corner". :D Go check her out. Ok, I think the rules translated funny because the first one says "Publish virginity"... uhm... No. I'm not a virgin. :p I'm also supposed to "provide" at least 5 blogs. This is always the hard part. Randomly grabbed off of my 'feed':

1. Frazzle and Aniploish
2. Lace & Lacquers
3. Cotton Candy Blog
4. AbbieNail
5. NyanPon's Knits and Crochet

There. :) Glad to finally be caught up on that. We're going to go pick up dinner and when I get back I will be doing some nails!! Wish me luck! LOL


  1. Pretty colour. I like the new essence bottles more than the older ones :)

    1. I like that they're easier to open than the old ones. I'm starting to get used to the brush. Still a little wider than I like, but I didn't get polish everywhere last time. lol


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