Monday, October 29, 2012

China Glaze: Hybrid & Mummy Water Marble

....sorta. I'll get to that in a bit. First up I have swatches of China Glaze Hybrid!

I really really like this color. Hybrid is a medium tan-brown with a slight light blue frosty shimmer. It reminds me of gingerbread cookies. :)

This is two coats. If I were going to wear it alone I would have gone for a third. As it was this was good enough as a base for water marble. Which... was a tad hit-and-miss, unfortunately.

See? I started my right hand with Snow Me White, Unicorn, and Hybrid, but left out Unicorn on my left because... well... it spread fine, but I think it dried too fast and no matter which color I used next it wouldn't spread through Unicorn. And it wasn't until my thumb that I managed to find the right mix of Snow Me White (one drop) and Hybrid (two drops). Hopefully, though, this little experimentation will help me later if I attempt a similar candy cane effect for Xmas.

This nail had ample time to dry before topcoating, I don't know why it pulled so much.

The decisive winner, if this were a contest amongst my nails. Nice clean, straight lines.

*facepalm* Ok, the reason this ended up being the only nail with a face is because it ended up half-dipped. I was going back to find the link for the other time that happened and... same finger! -_- I don't know what it's problem is. lol So instead of doing all faces a little further down like I wanted to, I ended up with one face way further up.

Halloween is almost here and we actually have a nearly-formed idea of what we're going to spend the night doing! *GASP*! That almost never happens. Past few years we've just visited whoever was un-busy enough to pick up their phone. :p I'll be surprised if anybody remembers our anniversary, but at least I think we got rid of the few so-called friends who would get mad at us because "it was Halloween first". Like you ever cared about Halloween. Feh. At least we've always had each other. Do you guys have any plans? Or did you get your partying out over the weekend?


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    1. Aw! Thank you. :) Hopefully next time I can make it a bit more symmetrical.


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