Friday, October 26, 2012

China Glaze: Bizarre Blurple Stamped

*runs in panting* I'm here. Honest! I did figure out why I didn't have Bizarre Blurple swatched yet. ;) I had it on my Halloween List which... is kind of in shambles. I didn't come close to 31 days. lol Still I have this one and two more which I'll get to in a moment. First up, Bizarre Blurple:

OOOoooooooh! AAAaaaaaaaah! :D Bizarre Blurple is a blue-purple (duh) with some light blue shimmer for good measure.

See? That's two coats. The first dried fairly quickly, the second took a bit longer so that's with topcoat to fill in my sheet marks. -_- Of course I didn't manage to get around to using all of the Halloween designs (the whole reason I picked this Bundle Monster set over the others), but the moment I saw Bizarre Blurple I had this image in my head...

Bundle Monster plate 212 stamped with KleanColor Metallic Green. Which... if you've friended me of facebook you know I ended up knocking over in the process. Devestating. I really need to get a full size bottle since I haven't gotten to fully swatch it yet!! *cries* Anyway, here's my stamping attempt:

Yep, Righty makes an appearance. Lefty didn't turn out so great.

I had a few issues with the full design not wanting to transfer. Would look fine on the stamper and then... *shrugs* For my left hand you'd figure lining up the eyeballs inbetween each other wouldn't be too difficult, right? No. I kept overlapping. :p Still need some practice with the double-stamping... or shorter nails... no, more practice. LOL

So, two more arts coming up. The last one will be a day or two before Halloween. I'll be wearing the silver spiderweb nail strips to go with my costume (so I don't have to fiddle with my nails during crunch time). I did wear them last year, but as you can see I didn't have a nifty macro camera last year.

Today I'll be attemping Colette's Mummy Marble. Turns out I don't have any light tans for marbleing so I'll be substituting white, yellow and Hybrid and marbling over Hybrid... Get it? To try and make the white and yellow a bit darker? *fingers crossed* Also, partly, because I cashed out all early to nab that ecollection and have only worn Solar Power.... oops.

First I guess I should get some walking in. *pleh* Hope everybody's had a great week! Be safe this weekend. :D

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