Monday, October 29, 2012

China Glaze: Hybrid & Mummy Water Marble

....sorta. I'll get to that in a bit. First up I have swatches of China Glaze Hybrid!

I really really like this color. Hybrid is a medium tan-brown with a slight light blue frosty shimmer. It reminds me of gingerbread cookies. :)

This is two coats. If I were going to wear it alone I would have gone for a third. As it was this was good enough as a base for water marble. Which... was a tad hit-and-miss, unfortunately.

See? I started my right hand with Snow Me White, Unicorn, and Hybrid, but left out Unicorn on my left because... well... it spread fine, but I think it dried too fast and no matter which color I used next it wouldn't spread through Unicorn. And it wasn't until my thumb that I managed to find the right mix of Snow Me White (one drop) and Hybrid (two drops). Hopefully, though, this little experimentation will help me later if I attempt a similar candy cane effect for Xmas.

This nail had ample time to dry before topcoating, I don't know why it pulled so much.

The decisive winner, if this were a contest amongst my nails. Nice clean, straight lines.

*facepalm* Ok, the reason this ended up being the only nail with a face is because it ended up half-dipped. I was going back to find the link for the other time that happened and... same finger! -_- I don't know what it's problem is. lol So instead of doing all faces a little further down like I wanted to, I ended up with one face way further up.

Halloween is almost here and we actually have a nearly-formed idea of what we're going to spend the night doing! *GASP*! That almost never happens. Past few years we've just visited whoever was un-busy enough to pick up their phone. :p I'll be surprised if anybody remembers our anniversary, but at least I think we got rid of the few so-called friends who would get mad at us because "it was Halloween first". Like you ever cared about Halloween. Feh. At least we've always had each other. Do you guys have any plans? Or did you get your partying out over the weekend?

Friday, October 26, 2012

China Glaze: Bizarre Blurple Stamped

*runs in panting* I'm here. Honest! I did figure out why I didn't have Bizarre Blurple swatched yet. ;) I had it on my Halloween List which... is kind of in shambles. I didn't come close to 31 days. lol Still I have this one and two more which I'll get to in a moment. First up, Bizarre Blurple:

OOOoooooooh! AAAaaaaaaaah! :D Bizarre Blurple is a blue-purple (duh) with some light blue shimmer for good measure.

See? That's two coats. The first dried fairly quickly, the second took a bit longer so that's with topcoat to fill in my sheet marks. -_- Of course I didn't manage to get around to using all of the Halloween designs (the whole reason I picked this Bundle Monster set over the others), but the moment I saw Bizarre Blurple I had this image in my head...

Bundle Monster plate 212 stamped with KleanColor Metallic Green. Which... if you've friended me of facebook you know I ended up knocking over in the process. Devestating. I really need to get a full size bottle since I haven't gotten to fully swatch it yet!! *cries* Anyway, here's my stamping attempt:

Yep, Righty makes an appearance. Lefty didn't turn out so great.

I had a few issues with the full design not wanting to transfer. Would look fine on the stamper and then... *shrugs* For my left hand you'd figure lining up the eyeballs inbetween each other wouldn't be too difficult, right? No. I kept overlapping. :p Still need some practice with the double-stamping... or shorter nails... no, more practice. LOL

So, two more arts coming up. The last one will be a day or two before Halloween. I'll be wearing the silver spiderweb nail strips to go with my costume (so I don't have to fiddle with my nails during crunch time). I did wear them last year, but as you can see I didn't have a nifty macro camera last year.

Today I'll be attemping Colette's Mummy Marble. Turns out I don't have any light tans for marbleing so I'll be substituting white, yellow and Hybrid and marbling over Hybrid... Get it? To try and make the white and yellow a bit darker? *fingers crossed* Also, partly, because I cashed out all early to nab that ecollection and have only worn Solar Power.... oops.

First I guess I should get some walking in. *pleh* Hope everybody's had a great week! Be safe this weekend. :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Misa: When U Say My Name & Haystacks

Geez... I woke up late, but thought I got lucky when I completed a survey and reached my SwagBucks goal all early. Went outside and finished putting the spiderweb design on my Lydia poncho, walked for about half an hour (did I input that into the Walgreen site?.... I think I did....). I was informed last night that my facebook profile picture is having some rather disturbing effects on people, so I vowed to take a new one today. Straightened my hair, got my contacts in, went to blog so I could do my nails without having anything else to do and... realized I was two days behind again. *facepalm* I'm here now, though, and I guess it's not that late yet. So without any further delay here is Misa's When U Say My Name:

Doesn't that just send shivers up your spine? "Say my name" "Lizzy" *shivers* hehehe *ahem*

I loved this color when I first put it on. After 3 days it's starting to wear thin. I do like it, but... ya know. It's a lovely deep brown that I was going to compare to Mink and Chocolate Kiss, but I forgot... I will do that at some point. Just been super busy with Halloween right around the corner!!

Ready for my haystacks?

I was so happy when Aaron knew what they were supposed to be right away. :D I did a half-circle of Hybrid to give the 'stacks some depth and then I used a nail art brush (not the snipped one, lol) and Sun-Sational do draw them on. Which is why it never hurts to hang onto colors you're not thrilled about wearing on their own! Never know when it's going to be needed for art.

Uh-huh. So minus my little upcoming Julep splurge I've been really good about not randomly buying polish. Have my mind set on A England (58% there!) so that helps. Still, there were a couple I had to get. I probably could have done without two more Sinfuls (Muse and Secret Admirer), but even for 99cents (with the card) these were the only ones I really wanted. The Orly (Be Brave), I had to have.

I know, I know, more glitter. :p Seriously, though, this one looks fabulous and I can't wait to wear it. Also, a portion of the profits are going to breast cancer research. Ok, the call has been sounded and it's time to pick up dinner! Guess I'll figure out what to do with my face (*ugh*) when I get back and get to picture taking. And nail painting. This yellow is getting to be too much as well.... I'll be wearing Bizarre Blurple finally, so come on back to check that out. I'll be stamping it, too, so there's that... ok, bye!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fantasy Makers: Nail In The Coffin & Ghostly Design

Hello lovelies. I was going to post this up yesterday, but Aaron went to hang out with his friends and I couldn't resist the opportunity to make more progress on LA Noire. I'm so close to finishing it! I have a couple of exciting things to share (I hope I can remember them all!), but first up let's take a look at Nail In The Coffin.

What we have here is a black not-cream-but-not-shimmery black base with teeny multi-color shimmers.

This is two coats and it dried pretty quickly. I was a bit concerned because it felt really cheap at first. The first coat was all streaky and blah looking, but the second one smoothed everything out. :p Sorry for the tipwear. I'd been wearing it a couple of days.

My design this time almost met my vision. It would have been better if A) I had more ghost plates and B) I could have found those other sponges.

I stamped the ghosties on with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Bundle Monster plate BM223. It showed a lot more opaque than I expected, but I had a hard time with such an open design. Had to scrape very carefully so I didn't pull all of the polish out. :p The fog is sponged on with Ulta Concrete Evidence and then I went over once more lightly with Snow Me White to make it look more... fog-like.

I finished off with a quick coat of Warpaints Beauty Mattify. Like that texture in the fog? The sponge started to pull off. :p Kinda cute all together. I just have to keep my eyes open for some different ghosts. Update Time!

Ok, first off I ordered 2GB more memory for MiniFranken. I have the 4GB thingy on my amazon wishlist, but all I had money for was the 2GB. That alone, though, should make MiniFranken run like pantyhose. In a good way, of course. lol Aaron says I need to just start putting money aside and buy up computer pieces to build my own so it'll work properly the first time. I really want to, it's just that a really good motherboard is so expensive! :/ We'll see...

Today, at his insistance, I'll be picking up Orly's Be Brave. I don't know if I'm going to get to wear it this month, but I'll at least have it before it disappears. I also got my Julep "pick your box" alert for next month. I was going to add Elizabeth so I could wear my name for my birthday, but Julep went and surprised me by releasing suedes!! *dies* I'm a little confused because they're also including their matte topcoat with the It Girl box, so I don't know if they'll dry matte, or just look suede with the matte topcoat... Doesn't really matter because I switched to the It Girl Box and went ahead and added the other three suedes not included with it. hehehe I had some rewards points available to use so I'm getting five polishes plus the matte topcoat for $30. If you want to join the fun, I urge you to check out my Collection Page, scroll down to Julep and check them out. Then if you're interested use my referral link to sign up! It's really pretty exciting and so easy to skip a month if you can't afford it or aren't super psyched about the colors.

Ok, enough shameless self-promotion. lol Last bit of news is that I finally started working on my Halloween costume yesterday. I'm dressing up as Lydia from the old Beetlejuice cartoon. Aaron's doing Beetlejuice from the movie. Anyway, we were at Goodwill on Friday and he spotted the perfect black bodysuit to wear under the red spiderweb poncho. I thought for sure that was going to be the hard part! So yesterday I sewed the poncho and today I'll go out and draw on the spiderweb lines. We picked up a fabric pen at Walmart and if it works like it's supposed to, then I should be done in about half an hour. Hardest part will be the hair, but Aaron swears he found the perfect tutorial on YouTube, so I guess I just have to trust him on that one.

I think that's it. Anybody else dressing up for Halloween this year? What are you going to be? Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Essence: Grey-t To Be Here + Tombstone Art + Award!

I'm baaaaaaaack! Actually, I can't make any polish promises at this point. It's October, our busiest month, and money's always super tight in October so I kind of need to conserve the cotton balls and remover. Still, I'm back on a proper desktop computer. My wireless adapter came in the mail yesterday and it's so tiny! LOL I wish I had gotten a picture, but I was so excited to get it installed. No more laptop! Actually, I still have the laptop set up. It's got SBTV going off to my side so I can make my e-money and still do what I want to do on the internet. Or Sims. I can Sim and make money at the same time now. :)

Anyway, the only thing I don't really like so far is Windows 7. Not that the little animations they threw in aren't kinda neat... it eats up so much memory! I should be able to get 2GB of memory for about $10 on amazon, though. No biggie. Or maybe I can talk Dave into hooking me up for my birthday! If I ever hear from him again... Starting to worry....

Anyway, that's probably not at all why you're here, huh? You want some nail polish, right? ;) Okay, okay, I suppose I can quit stalling and show you some polish. lol

Nice, huh? essence Grey-t To Be Here is, I guess, a grey cream with pink shimmer. It might just be me, but it really comes off as more of a grey-lavendar, because of the pink? Not just in the pictures, either. It was like that in real life, too. This is two coats and while the first coat dried quickly I still used the quick-dry drops for the second. Just in case. *sssshhhhhh*

I had this vision in my head of doing a whole graveyard scene with different tombstones and maybe some grass.... Didn't quite work out that way. The shimmer in Grey-t To Be Here was more prominent than I anticipated and kinda threw me off...

Still, that's kinda cute. In a really understated kind of way. I just drew it on with my one nail art pen. I was going to use my clipped brush, but I figured the pen would give me more control.

I promised myself I'd start work on my costume tomorrow, so today I'm definitely going to try my hardest to pull of the ghost/fog image I have in my head without crapping out like that again. Just need to find the other sponge Aaron gave me... Hrm.

I got another award! It's another one from one of my lovely Brazilian followers, so it translates as "Kiss". :)

This one is from Miriam Helena over at Cantinho dos Esmaltes, which translates to "Corner Enamels" or, I guess "Polish Corner". :D Go check her out. Ok, I think the rules translated funny because the first one says "Publish virginity"... uhm... No. I'm not a virgin. :p I'm also supposed to "provide" at least 5 blogs. This is always the hard part. Randomly grabbed off of my 'feed':

1. Frazzle and Aniploish
2. Lace & Lacquers
3. Cotton Candy Blog
4. AbbieNail
5. NyanPon's Knits and Crochet

There. :) Glad to finally be caught up on that. We're going to go pick up dinner and when I get back I will be doing some nails!! Wish me luck! LOL

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Orly: Mysterious Curse w/ Compare & Runts: Banana w/ Toxic Tips

Yep, bit of a mouthful, but I wanted to be a bit less vague than "nail polish catch up". Still on the laptop which is destroying my back, wrists and nerves, but I don't want to fall out of the habit of blogging (and getting madly behind) just because I'm fighting with my desktop. Adapter should be in tomorrow! *fingers crossed*

Turns out I only took the one picture of Mysterious Curse by itself. Just to refresh your memory:

Mysterious Curse went on really smoothly and took two coats. I wish there were more Orlys I like. For some reason I see them and think "meh". Except Be Brave from their breast cancer line-up. I do want that. I did, fortunately, remember to compare it to Models Own: Purple Blue and China Glaze Bizarre Blurple... which I thought I had worn, but I guess not? Anyway, here's the rundown.

Mysterious Curse on my index and pinky, Purple Blue on my middle finger and Bizarre Blurple on my ring finger. BB is more of a blue-purple mix, whereas MC is more of a blue-purple duchrome. PB, as you can see, is kind of a grainy deep purple with blue shimmer. lol

Before Mysterious Curse and my battle with MiniFranken, I was wearing Runts: Banana. I didn't get any pics of it alone, but I had to use it because I want it linked, but I couldn't put yellow on my toes again and... yeah. I got so excited about the tips that I forgot.

Oh, sorry, that's actually upside-down...

There we are. I actually didn't have too many problems with Banana. Yes, it did have that pungent "fake banana" smell, but it went away fairly quickly. I was really stoked about the drips. The only neon green I could trust to be opaque enough to really pop was China Glaze: I'm With The Lifeguard. Fantastic.

I just used a dotting tool to make the drip outline and then the brush to fill in the rest of the tips. If I had known what was about to happen I would have just left this on!! It really looked phenomenal in real life. I hope you get even part of it's awesomeness coming through the pictures. I am still trying to work on my list. Will hopefully have another simple art for you tomorrow. Just, ya know, wanted to get this up. Now to post this up on facebook, make dinner, finish earning swagbucks and hopefully have time to Sim.... This week has just been insane. Just as soon as I can hit that SB goal early I'll start working on my costume.... Hope everyone's doing ok out there!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things That Go BOOM!

I figured I should probably get this up before it becomes totally irrelevant and outdated. lol I'm up earlier than expected and the SwagBucks goal is relatively low, so I should have time. Still don't like blogging on the laptop, but the wireless adapter should be here Thursday! *fingers crossed*

A little background: Aaron has been making some zombie heads for sale as shooting targets. Zombies are really big right now and people (gun people) are all over the idea of getting to shoot them. Anyway, he made one for his uncle, one for some friends and one for us. Sunday the four of us went out to the shooting range where his uncle works to shower the finished heads with some devastation. First up, the finished heads:

The half-blind one was for his uncle to shoot with the cannon (yes, cannon)

The swampy grey one was for his buddies who go fishing together regularly.

And the spooky chick was ours.

They got here early, so we packed up the heads and headed out. The drive was shorter than we expected and I waved to Brak when we passed her house. She couldn't see it, but that's ok. ;) We got out to the range and Aaron's mom and uncle were all ready for us. There was almost nobody else there and his uncle took us to a back area. Special treat for Aaron's birthday, which is Thursday. Now, I have to say I'm not really a gun person and when we heard this man bought a cannon I seriously rolled my eyes. That being said...

I got to fire a cannon!! hehehe Yeah, that's me. I had to admit the cannon thing was a lot of fun. We each got to fire it off and that zombie head took it! Seriously impressive. That's not to say it didn't take some damage.

LOL So freakin' awesome. Yeah, we didn't have cannon "balls". His uncle made rounds with pvc pipe and pellets. Actually, the first shot had .22 bullets in it, the next two had pellets and mine had gravel. lol That shot up head will now be on display every Sunday when they're working in the office. :D

Here's my sexy firing off the cannon:

After that his uncle headed back to the office and left us to the shooting. I'm glad Rob was there (you'll meet him in a second), because he was the one with actual gun experience. He loaded and set up the gun for me each time.

There's the guys. Rob, Nathan and Aaron. We all went over gun safety (you learn things if you watch the right kind of tv LOL) while Rob loaded up. Then we all took turns. We weren't expecting the heads to be able to take much damage, but it turns out a styrofoam centered zombie head can take quite a bit of .22 shots. We each got four clips with 10 rounds a piece. Thanks to Aaron I have video of my first time ever holding and firing a weapon.

Sadly I think I missed every shot in that video... :p During my next rounds we all got into a rhythm and Aaron and Rob helped me aim better. Rob got first shot since he's the 'new' friend.

He's the only one who shot from that far back. Totally nailed 'em. Nathan was up next.

He wanted to try the action-cop pose to see if it helped. He said it did. I didn't try it, though. Was self-conscious enough. :p Then my Aaron.

He hates that pic cuz he says it makes him look hunchbacked. Sorry, Bubba! He did really well, though. A lot better at lining up the sight than I was. I went last because I was the least enthusiastic about shooting things.

See how close I am?! LOL I actually did hit them that time. I did pretty well suck, but it let the guys feel manly helping me out and it did prompt me to decide I should probably take the gun safety course. Because you never know, right? It's like CPR. Best to be prepared. So his uncle is going to kindly come out of retirement long enough to teach me and help me figure out which gun I'm most comfortable with. :)

I have to admit... I had a lot of fun. That's another reason I want to learn. Get myself a little pink gun and we can go out there and shoot stuff. lol Oh, you're probably wondering about the damage, huh? That's the weird part, between the bullets going clear through and the latex heating up and re-sealing, it wasn't quite as devastating as we all imagined it would be. (except the cannon) I'll show you anyway:

hehehe They were both actually loaded with blood, but the male head had this black blood and was harder to see. It was all a learning experience. Now he can take his knowledge, make more heads, and actually be able to give more information about how they'll react. :D Field research. LOL

I am going to give it it's own post at some point, but you know I'm such a polish addict and I was thinking of y'all, so here's a preview of Orly Mysterious Curse:

LOL Yep. On my way back to the table I thought "Oh shit, I should totally get a picture of my polish!" XD Awful. So, yeah, we all had a great time. Now my wrists and nails are hurting from this tiny laptop keyboard so I think I'll load up Sims and start SBTV going. Still have to hit those daily goals. I swear today I'll catch up on everyone else's blogs. I need to repaint my nails, too. Almost a whole nail's polish has chipped off and that's just unacceptable. ;) Take care and I hope y'all enjoyed this post.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Temporary Hiatus

Hey guys. I have a headache like you would not believe. So my dad got me a new computer for my birthday. We couldn't find the one I wanted, but we still got what I thought was going to be a pretty good one anyways. I'm sure it is. I mean, it plays Sims beautifully. Runs so smoothly my Sims have an extra 3 hours in their days. The problem is it not wanting to connect to the internet. :( My old wireless adapter apparently wasn't compatible with Windows 7 so we went out and got a cable to connect me to the router. Then I'm getting this Error 651 message which I finally fixed by stealing copying the driver off of my mom's computer. Which was an experience in itself, let me tell ya. Now I'm getting some Error 797 message and guess what? Damn thing can't find the modem! Like, at all. It's trying to tell me it doesn't have a modem when I saw the thing with my own eyes when I opened the case to see what kind of upgrade options I had. The answer: few. I'll be buying more memory and I may be able to install the firewire adapter, but little more than that. If anything. So rather than Frankenputer II, I have what I have dubbed MiniFranken. I do have one nail art and I'm wearing Mysterious Curse just because my naked nails were giving me an even bigger headache. I went to bed and was aware that not only were my nails naked, I had no desire to paint them. So I had to paint them just to get that feeling to go away. We're headed to the gun range to shoot at some zombie heads today which I'll have pictures and video of that. I just don't know if I'll feel like blogging on the laptop much. :/ I ordered a new wireless adapter which should be here in a week or so... Until then I guess I at least have a snazzy comp for Simming.... I'm hoping Dave (my computer guru) will get on messenger at some point. He always takes good care of me. If not then at least the adapter should fix it. ....hey, to add insult to injury, fixing that 651 error is making the connection manager pop up randomly. Had to just fix that to 'never connect'. I hope it fixed it. Can't imagine a whole week of Sims with that popping up. In any case, I do still have the laptop and will try to keep up with everyone else's blogs. As it is, though, it's a bit of a struggle just to reach my SwagBucks goals. So, we'll see, I guess. Just wanted to let y'all know I'm not dead or anything. Just very very frustrated. I'm gonna throw on some makeup and Sim now. Maybe shooting something will make me feel better....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Misa: The Great Green Whatsit +Eyeballs

Happy 10-11-12 Day! I don't know if that's a thing, I just noticed it when I was making the folder for today's post. :D Yes, I'm a numbers nerd. So, today was supposed to be Frankenstein inspired, but I swapped it out for "Great Green Whatsit w/ dot eyes", which was supposed to be... next Thursday's art. As far as the names, I was less-than-enthused with this one for some reason. I like it in theory, just... I dunno. Maybe I knew what was going to happen to it. First, the polish. Misa's The Great Green Whatsit:

I love this color! It is a bit sheer, so this is three coats, but it's so lovely! Mostly it shows as a near-metallic blue-green, other times it's almost totally green or blue and sometimes it even looks purple.

If you couldn't tell, it was a bit overcast when I took pictures. So the following video is indoors.

Didn't quite manage to catch the purple, but you can see how the different light affects the color. So neat, especially in front of my monitor.

The eyeball idea came when I was putting together art ideas with the polish names. Or, trying to. I thought to myself "What would a 'Whatsit' look like?" Well... A Whatsit would have a bazillion eyeballs. Why? Well... That's just how it is. :p

ACK!!! The only thing harder than actually looking at it was dotting in the pupils. lol

If you're wondering what I used for the colors, I'll tell you! LOL The white is Sinful Colors Snow Me White, the blue is essence Lets Get Lost, the purple is Misa Spinning Out Of Control, the brown is Misa When You Say My Name, the "green" is Sinful Colors Mint Apple, and the black is essence Black Is Back. *phew* lol Now to get this creepiness off of my nails and decide what colors to use for tomorrows "toxic tips". Should be fun! Hope everyone's having a great week. :)