Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wet n Wild: Jezebel & Once Upon A Time

YAY!! O_o Why yay? Because today will start Lizzy's 31 Days of Halloween. I don't know how or if I'll be able to pull it off, but I'm going to try. And I'm starting a day early because, if you didn't know, our anniversary is on Halloween so it's a very busy day for us and I don't know if I'll have time to blog. I may, but I can't count on it. So let's get started, shall we?

I grabbed Jezebel because it was on sale and I liked the name/color combo. For a red, I kinda like it. It's deep and shimmery and almost like bloooooood. LOL

If you're wondering, like I was, if Jezebel is a dupe for Perceval then fear not! I've got ya covered.

Close, but no cigar. Jezebel is a bit darker and required two coats; and Perceval is one coat and still my favoritest red ever. Still, had to swatch Jezebel and had to have undies for Once Upon A Time!

Yep, Halloweeny tombstone bottle. Once Upon A Time is red glitter in a sheer black base. I thought you might want to see it over black, so I went ahead and did that for ya, too. Aren't I just the best? XD

There ya go. Once Upon A Time was a bit thick, but not terribly hard to work with. It's got a decent amount of the bigger glitters so you could probably get full coverage if you really wanted to work with it. Next I had to test out my Butter London matte topcoat!

Which I love. Went on smoothly and dried super quickly.

So... I got my October Julep box yesterday. :D Only thing I didn't get a picture of was the candy corn. That went straight into the trash. I abhor candy corn. I did like this, though:

And two little pots of loose orange and black glitter dust.

And the big bottle of quick dry drops:

Which worked ok over super thick glitter polish. I'll be doing some extensive testing with this. ;) And the polish!

Hermoine on the left is a crackle and Lisa on the right is a... oh bother, let me check the site... Lisa is a "warm pebble grey creme". Nice. OMG You know what else is nice?!

Winning 1000 SwagBucks! Not only that, I reached the goal every day in September so I'll be getting some big ole' bonus points this coming week. Yay! I checked the A England site and she finally put the new Gothic collection up for sale. Woohoo! There's only two I want from that, but it's nice to know they'll be available when I cash out... in a couple of months... lol

Tomorrow is Metallic Monday so I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to make that Halloween themed, but I'll try. I do have some Halloween stamping plates. We'll see, right? Hope everyone had a super fantastic weekend! :D


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! :) At least I'm not the only who likes matte glitters.

  2. I'm looking forward to this 31 days of halloween! That glitter is cool especially with the sheer black base, makes other colours darker heheheeh

    1. lol I'm gonna try. I have a few ideas, but I think by the end of the month they're going to start getting lame. ;) I've been trying to not buy so many glitters, but this one I couldn't resist.


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