Friday, September 14, 2012

Sinful Colors: Unicorn & Newspaper Art

Stupid photobucket isn't letting me upload. There's no limit on photos so I can't have reached that. It just hates me, I suppose. So I'm going to try and use Blogger's built-in image thingy for tonight. Someone please remind me to come back and code this properly because I don't trust Blogger to hold onto my pictures. Seen too many blogs with big ol' Xs where pictures should be.... *UPDATE: it's fixed now*

*ahem* After my incredible success with the newspaper transfer I decided I wanted to do a full mani. As I explained at the time, our comic selection sucks. So I flipped through the paper and found a story that wasn't "good" news, but it wasn't "bad" news either. Just news. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Since I was using newsprint instead of comics I decided that an "old, faded" newspaper look wasn't out of the question. A perfect time to break out Sinful Color's Unicorn.

...I really hope that worked. Anyway, I picked this up way back when I was excited about getting the full Sanrio stamping plate because I was going to do a whole outdoor scene with all of the characters and this was going to be my sun. Barring that I thought for sure I'd be doing a spring themed water marble, but I didn't do that either. So it sat waiting.

Unicorn is a simple, pale yellow cream. This is three coats and you can see it's still a bit streaky. Thankfully the newspaper print covered that up nicely.

If you're curious, it's a story about a new after-school program designed around Knights and jousting and such. Like if Girl Scouts and Medieval Times had a baby.

This process is so easy I didn't even have any problems doing my right hand!

I know there are tons of tutorials, but if you're unfamiliar with the process, here's what I did: poured some 70% rubbing alcohol into a cap (I used an old polish remover bottle cap), dipped my finger in for about 10 seconds, pulled my finger out, centered the paper and just rolled my finger firmly over the nail to sort of press the design onto the nail. Easy peasy! Then you peel the paper off and voila. Instant nail art.

Lacey posted up on facebook last night about this online store Coterie. So I went to this link, signed up with code OBSESSED-VIP, used code VIPMEMBER at checkout and ordered four Butter Londons for $11!! Yes! It should work until September 18, I think? There is a limited selection and one of those is a topcoat, but who cares? I picked Bluey, Knackered and All Hail The Queen and I got a matte topcoat with that selection. :D The order is currently "processing" so *fingers crossed* it goes through and I get those polishes because OMG $11 is less than the price of even one Butter London!! *dies* You understand how I couldn't pass that up? Even if it did mean a trip to the bank bright and early this morning to avoid dropping below the minimum balance. LOL I had the money to cover it, just that minimum balance fee is a killer and would have damn near made those polishes full price again in the process....

Tomorrow we're supposed to be going to the PowWow and I'll try to at least get some phone pictures like I did at the rodeo. I was going to try out Swanky Silk for the occasion, but Abbie's all excited over Wallis so that's what you can look forward to tomorrow. ;) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


  1. Great looking mani! Love reading your blog, always so funny :)

    1. Yay! Thank you. :) I get my sense of humor from my dad. lol


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