Monday, September 3, 2012

Sinful Colors: Charge It Up & Mini-Haul

Hello, beautifuls! Is anybody else just totally wiped out? Maybe it's just the heat.... Which isn't going to help tomorrow when we go jungle mowing again, but I'll have my new EPs to look forward to.

So last night I painted on my last (for now) Magnetic Monday polish. Which means next Monday is the official transition to Metallic Monday! Exciting, no? Until then I must first present to you one of Sinful Colors' magnetic offerings, the only one I have seen, gotten for the low low price of $1.99: Charge It Up!!

Wow. I don't know if this was a leftover or if these haven't "officially" been put out at my Target yet (as far as I can tell they're Target exclusive), but I really hope I can find more. The magnet is fantastic, the background color is really something special, and it dried really really quickly.

The magnet may not be really unique, but I'm glad to see them trying (instead of some companies who just do straight or wavy lines) and the magnet itself is really strong. I'm a *touch* worried that it's a ring that slips on (and potentially off) of the brush because people around here are stupid and will steal them, and the lip on the magnet was a *tad* big so it ended up a little far away from some nails. Like my pinky.

Still, relatively small complaints. I want to get an Orly one. That's got a pretty neat magnet design....

Anyway, I usually matte the magnetics because it tends to really draw out the 3D effect. Today I kept it shiny because the sparkly blue is really really pretty. Even so I wasn't gonna leave you lovelies ass out on seeing it.

.....LOL!!! See, this is why polish keeps being fun. Because I keep being surprised!! On this one it seems the matte topcoat almost completely washes out the design.

Insane. I really want to dig around and see if I have (or can find) a color that matches the background, because then this would make and excellent accent nail. Just have to match it. Unmagnetized this polish is pretty much a mix of the background and design colors. Which makes sense.... it's just more predominant in this polish than some others. kind of underscore my point, those aren't bubbles in the polish. They're hard, dried bits. Likely because someone was playing with it in the store. Don't you just hate that?! Especially when parents just let their kids go messing around with the polishes... so irritating.

So that's it, then. The last of my magnetic polishes until I buy more. Which I will. Eventually. If I can find a decent base-polish in my stash and a Sunday paper floating around, I may have something fun and exciting for tomorrow. Alexis kinda made me promise since she had so much fun with hers!

That came out so good! She got inspired when I 'shared' The Nail Buff's wicked awesome Antique Flowers on facebook and had to try the newspaper transfer for herself.

Last night (or sometime yesterday) the lovely Lacey posted (on facebook) that Walgreens was having another 99cent Sinful Colors sale. I hadn't seen the sale signs in my Walgreens, but since she assured me the sale was in the sale flyer I checked again today, and the sale stickers were up, and I got:

Not all of them! LOL There are just far too many for that. I did get (from left to right) Super Nova, Purple Diamond, HD Nails, Georgio and Ciao Bella. All very pretty and all very.... Sinful Colors. I have a lot of untried SC polishes, so I'm now declaring "Sinful Saturday" until I get through them.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy/exciting day around here. Jungle mowing in the morning and the new Skryim DLC (Hearthfire) should be released and popping over to Game Stop to pick up Supernatural! I've managed to accomplish almost everything I wanted with my acrobat. She's super stoked and rallying the rest of the Sims. "We can hold back the zombie invasion! Who's with me!?!"

hehehe I'm going to have to see how the new neighborhood is set up. If I like it (it will already have the new stuff already in it...) then I may move her over there because I'm really enjoying playing her at the moment. We'll see. :D Hope everyone had a safe and restful Labor Day!

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