Saturday, September 1, 2012

NYC: East Village & Warpaints: Glow Turq & China Glaze: Tarnished Gold

That... is definitely a mouthful. LOL Hey guys! :D There is a bit of a tale behind this mani, though it's not a very interesting one. I'm still trying to do those "meh" polishes both to get them linked and so I don't get all spoiled with my snazzy new ones. Was staring at my block of NYCs and finally just had Aaron pick one. He picked "blue".

"Blue", in this case, is East Village from their "New York Minute" line. There was a big ol' dent in the polish so I know I've worn it before, but I don't remember if I liked it then. I did recall it being pretty sheer and on that score I was right. This is four coats that did actually dry pretty quickly.

I see you noticing my Keroppi stamp there. hehehe Yes, that means I also have Psicodelica! But that's for tomorrow. Let's concentrate on today. I did have to use my brand new stamping plate. Get used to it, you'll be seeing this one a lot more!

For the stamping I used one of the new essences. Walk On the Wild Side. And..... they've got the fattie brushes, too!!! *cries* I'm officially blaming this on certain people's obsession with OPI regardless of their monster brush. Oh yeah, you know who you are. :p

Anyway, I figured since I'm wearing "blue" I may as well get Glow Turq out of the way.

Nothing particularly special about this one and, since Hot Topics isn't selling Warpaints anymore, I'll just get to the pictures.

Ok, I'm going to officially apologize. I stuck my hand out of the window at about 10am and this polish glowed way more than that. Just that around 2pm when I was done playing Skyrim and the sun was on the other side of the house (in the room where I've taken previous glow-pictures)... it got cloudy. :/ Sorry. Next time I'll just pause the game and grab my camera. lol

Is there any way I could possibly squeeze another link out of this post? Of course there is!!

I wasn't sure if Tarnished Gold was going to crackle over the glitter, but it did! Not a lot to say about this one either, I guess. It's a gold and it's a crackle. lol I like this combo.

So.... yes. Tomorrow I'll have some fabulous silver holo and after that is Magnetic Monday with Sinful Colors. Then back to Misa! :D Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Wish I could stay inside.... You'd think the world had lost it's mind out there....

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