Friday, September 7, 2012

Misa: Spaced Out

Ok, this is the polish I should have done for my 1000th post yesterday. Spaced Out is an awesome mushroomy color.

I don't think I have anything like this either. There's these neat little speckles all in the polish.

If you look off to the side of the flash you can see it. :p This is only two coats. I was going to add a third since I had a bit of cuticle drag, but topcoat seemed to smooth everything out nicely. It did look like it was drying semi-matte, so maybe one day I'll see if that's for sure or if it was just bad lighting. My only teensy little complaint is that I didn't see any of this cool shimmer:

Ok, so maybe there was one other little thing. For a polish called Spaced Out, this earthy color was kind of... not really bothersome, just.... mildly confusing? I tried to convince myself that it could be, like, the color of moondust or something, but it just kept reminding me of mushroom soup. So when I went to see how it looked matte, I added an alien.

hehehehehehe Ok, let's get serious.

It's really cool. Kind of like a sister polish for Stone Cold. In a "they both look like rocks" kind of way. I think I may have figured out partly why my camera's been having problems. Either it's the colors, or the lighting. I took these around noon and everything appears to be pretty accurate. I guess with summer winding down 10am is too early. We'll see. lol

Tomorrow is the first Sinful Saturday and I already have a polish in mind. It is kinda in the same color scheme that I've been visiting, but we're supposed to have a cold front coming in (and bringing rain with it) so I'm hoping for a little good mojo with my choice. *fingers crossed* Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I really like it mattified it looks hotttt! Cute alien hehe

    1. I definitely love it matte. :) And thanks. hehehe


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