Sunday, September 16, 2012

Misa: Sorry, Just Can't Help It & Sally Hansen: Blue Sapphire

If you couldn't tell by the title, we didn't end up making it back to the PowWow. :( Long story. I do have the one picture from yesterday if you want to see that. It'll be at the end of the post. Also, it's been raining steadily all day so today's pictures are brought to you from the porch! With flash so hopefully they're all showing up color accurate for you. They look close to me, but one never knows what others see, eh? *ahem*

I started last night with two luxurious coats of Sorry, Just Can't Help It. I love that name for so many reasons...

I loved this polish so much as I was applying it I was *this* close to ordering more from the collection before it even had a chance to dry.

I will, just not now. ;) Now, it was clacky before I laid down, but apparently that was misleading. I did wake up with some sheetmarks, but topcoat fixed it right up. Since I had free time I decided to try out my new stamper and Bundle Monster plate BM-206.

I used Sally Hansen: Blue Sapphire which is from the Chrome line and is kind of a blue-leaning-purple.

If you couldn't tell, my right hand turned out better than my left! O_o I know, right? I think I got into a bit of a hurry so my left is a little smeared. I love this new stamper, though. The little handle makes it a lot easier to use.

Now, I had heard that the full-nail designs in this second BM set were bigger... They may be, but I still needed to double-stamp my thumbs.

Not terrible line-up, I guess. That's actually my left thumb; this time the right was worse. LOL I forgot to mention yesterday that I did finally use my free Julep polish coupon and ordered O Canada!. I figured they weren't going to re-add Elizabeth any time soon so I went with the next one to catch my attention. Also, today HEB put out their Wet n Wild Halloween collection and I now have to update my stash page again!

Now I know where that tombstone shaped bottle belongs! *phew* There are a couple of other colors. A purple glitter that reminded me of Night Prowl and a glow-in-the-dark... of which I have plenty. Actually, the only reason I got the red glitter one was because they had a $1.00 off of 2 WnWs coupon.

Shoe Time! :D While we were at Goodwill looking over their Halloween stuff this gorgeous pair caught my eye. I didn't have the money for them at the time so I told Aaron, "If they're still here tomorrow, then it was meant to be" and they were and now they're mine.

They're Mudd shoes. Fancy.

That's to give you an idea of how high the heels are. lol If you don't have any SH bottles, they're the same height as China Glaze bottles. These shoes are a tad hard to walk in at the moment, and the balls of my feet kinda hurt, but I haven't fallen yet! My goal is to get used to walking in heels again (I've gotten lazy) so that one day I'll be able to wear my mom's vintage 70s wood and leather 4" stilettos that she got during their honeymoon in Italy. *sigh* To dream. She's already given them to me, I just can't wear them yet.

And, finally, the PowWow picture.

I know. Thrilling. Like I said, I thought we'd be going back and we were going to get better seats... Ah well. It's an annual event and now that we know they are, in fact, still doing it we'll be going back. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm a bit exhausted. Had... just the worst dream last night... Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll see you again tomorrow for Metallic Monday!


  1. MMmm that purple is good! Haha I like the name also ;) you get such cute polish! Those litte tombstones are soooo cute!! Hehehe

    1. I love these funky holiday bottles. Sometimes the polish is crap, but since these are Wet n Wild I'm not expecting too much trouble.


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