Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Misa: Shields Up & Compare

What's in a name? Well, according to my beliefs a name contains the very essence of a thing. There are cases where a little context is in order (not many people appreciate Aaron's pet-name for me until we explain it), but as far as polish I think we can take it pretty well at face value. I said I was going to wear Misa today. I hadn't initially intended that Misa to be Shields Up. I got the risque ones because, first and foremost, I love the names. They strike a chord in me. I was feeling really good yesterday and wanted to supplement that. Then, well, let's just say that I needed my shields.

I think at some point I knew that Shields Up was another purple/green duochrome, but I sort of re-realized it when I grabbed the bottle. This one has sparkle so there will be a comparison coming up in this post.

The formula was smooth, but oh-so painfully sheer. This is four coats and...

still pretty sheer from certain angles. Next time I'll wear it over black or something. Here's a shot that captures why we all love duochrome so very much.

Just fabulous. Could anything be prettier? And, hey, I didn't cry so my little polish magic helped. Video!

I do kind of wonder what they put in these polishes that's so readily available that I have, what, seven of them? Eight? Something. Anyway, today I'm going to compare the three I have that are both duochromed and shimmery. I've had problems before remembering which finger had which polish, but today I had a secret. Can you guess?

Misa, OPI, Butter London. MOB. LOL!

So how do they compare?

Ok, left to right: Shields Up is the most subdued with the least shimmer. Not Like The Movies is the most opaque with a bit more shimmer, but it is kind of a Where Is The Party? dupe with shimmer. Knackered is about as sheer as Shields Up but it's got tons of holo shimmer! I mean, look at it! Also, it's purple is a little more blue/lavendar toned. The formula on all three was great, minus sheerness, and all of them dried fairly quickly. I actually expected them to be more similar, but I'm glad they're not. ;) I also checked Chic Reloaded to see if that was a WITP dupe like I thought, and it is not. Totally different. Oh, here's the green:

So, do I have a favorite? No way! Are you kidding? Misa has the whole name-thing going for it, OPI's got great opacity and Butter London's shimmer is to die for. I'd like to think I'd be able to stop myself from buying another purple/green duochrome (I've done alright not picking up more gold/green ones), but... What can I say? Two of my favorite colors together in one bottle and I still find the color-shift fascinating. Odds are quite good if I see another one I'll snatch it right up. Assuming it's within my budget to do so. lol

I had contemplated putting this off because my China Glazes should be coming in today, but I can just add that to tomorrow's post. So what's in store for tomorrow? Well... it's Thursday so.... I have no idea. Hopefully yola will let me update my collection page so I can get a good look at what I have. I may need to re-arrange my drawers because OMG they're getting full again. I think Aaron might have a small fit if I need another set of drawers.... Don't even know where I'd put it.... Hope everyone's having a great week. Happy polishing!


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