Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Misa: Quirky Smile & Surprise! & Well.....

*deep breath* Caaaaaaaalm.... *deep breath* Hey guys. Today.... Something is seriously up with today. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it. Today is bipolar and it needs medication. That said, I'm still super psyched about this polish. Quirky Smile is from Misa's What I Like About You collection. Love the collection name, love the polish names, love the colors. Love the fact that as far as I can tell there were only 6 polishes and head2toebeauty had them all so I should have them all. Love.

....ok, you can't see it, but why on earth is photobucket adding an assortment of letters and numbers to the ends of my file names? Anybody?! *ahem* Quirky Smile is kind of a deep blue with green shimmer. Vampy Varnish describes it as a "vivid teal", but... I dunno.... lemme run back out into the sun real quick......

Ok, it's definitely a deep blue-green/teal-aqua.... color. Of some sort. It's freakin' gorgeous!

And just like a true Quirky Smile that you only glimpse when you least expect it, while I was driving around I caught a flash of purple shimmer! I thought "OMG Lookit that! I can't wait to get home and find it again so I can get a picture!" and...

It was nowhere to be found. Was I imagining things? I'm not sure... It's not just a matter of my camera wouldn't pick it up; I seriously didn't see it again no matter how I held my hands up to the light. Bizarre.

This is a little out of order as far as the title, but while we were at HEB we decided to weigh in... after getting home and firing up my SparkPeople account I confirmed that I've gained back 13lbs in the past year. Unacceptable. So I reset all of my goals and weights and trackers and have everything set up. The rest of this week will be getting back into the habit of logging in there and waking up early for exercise. (hey! I spelled it right the first time!) Starting Sunday I'm back on the wagon. That's really got to be the only downside of having such a loving husband and non-snooty friends: Nobody to tell you when you're getting fat. :p Just gotta figure it out on your own. LOL

After we got back I got a text-for-help from my girl, Tammy. The one who just had a wedding? Yeah, her. She needed a ride downtown to pick up her car and I said "sure". When I picked her up she handed me a big ol' bag full of nail polish!

O_o Her and her husband (teehee) have been cleaning out foreclosed houses and every time she comes across nail polish she thinks of me and hangs on to it. How awesomely sweet is that?! After I got her to her car (which isn't making noise anymore, yay!) and got myself back home I went through the bag and OMG there are some treasures in here! OPI Senorita Rose-Alita, China Glaze Verticle Rush, two Sally Hansen Prisms! Bronze Coral and Mandarin Garnet; both full! Some Nail Savvys, bon bons, some little star-shaped bottles (Markwins lol) and four with absolutely no labels. That's 30 altogether! So now I get to spend the rest of the evening adding them all into my spreadsheet, taking pictures, and updating my stash page. This little haul is going to take me over 400 bottles. LOL May need to reorganize my drawers....

So all-in-all it was a good day. Just some overly-irritating news earlier, but then some goodness and given the day's trend... I kinda hope something bad happens before I have to wake Aaron for dinner. Hrm. Anyway, hope everyone's having a great week! I'll be posting a pic of the unlabeled bottles tomorrow to see if anyone can identify them. ;)


  1. What a nice unexpected gift! The Misa polish is lovely :)

    1. Totally surprised me. :) I'll be posting one of those today.

  2. This Misa is lovely! I don't have very many from them.

    1. I am loving them! Can't wait to order more. :)


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