Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Misa: Like It Like That & SaGreena Compare

Hello, darlings! Today is definitely a 'white rabbit' kind of day so I'm going to try really really hard to pretend like I'm not just rushing through this so I can go play Sims. ;) On the bright side I did save some time by painting on Like It Like That last night. It is a very interesting color...

It's kind of a blue-ish, teal-ish, green-ish.... color. It was a tad sheer, so that's three coats. Also, I did topcoat. It was taking a bit to dry and Lizzy lurves sleep. lol

See how green it looks? I kept expecting it to be more tealish like it looked in the bottle.

See? LOL Very deranged color. Had a bit of an identity crisis, I think. Most times when I looked at it in the sun it looked green. So green, in fact, I thought it might be similar to SaGreena The Teenage Witch...

Not even close!! XD SaGreena is the green one on the left and LILT is the blue on the right. So bizarre, but.... yeah. I like it like that. I also wanted to see if I'd like it stamped! So I pulled out Bundle Monster plate BM-221 and Sally Hansen Titanium Chrome:

I'm actually pretty proud of myself. It's a little wonky, but it more-or-less covered completely and is more-or-less centered. On this hand. My right hand was a bit of a mess.

So Walmart, in conjunction with Pure Ice, is trying to make me into a liar.....

Yep. That's two more magnetic polishes. Look, though! New design. :D I don't know if the "star" one will be the same or not, because it looked different on the display. We'll see! After I do at least one of those chromes. lol Really need to start doing that. Which, I feel a little bad, but I'm not going to be updating my stash page and I'm falling a bit behind on y'all's blogs, but...

I'm gonna be getting my creature on. Aaron had to mess with me. Ran in to pick it up and came back to the car, stuck the rediculously long receipt through the window and said "They had to give us a refund, didn't get it in stock" O_o I was so upset and about to get really angry when he tossed the game in the window. LOL Gotta mess with me. Hope everyone's having a great week! I'll be stuck in Simland.

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