Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lizzy's Fitness Foray Reboot

Huzzah and welcome. I'm kind of bored and just feeling like typing. I don't know if this post will benefit anybody other than myself, but as I've said before: It's my blog and I'll post what I want to. :p

Anybody reading this that is a new follower is probably unfamiliar with my first successful attempt at weight loss. So a little background. I hit puberty with a vengeance and pretty well topped my development at 13. I weighed 135lbs from age 13 until 20. After marriage I ended up eating a lot more than I ever did as a self-conscious teenager. Aaron likes to cook and he likes to feed me. This is good, right? Also good (theoretically lol) that he never once ever ever ever said anything about my weight. We've never had a full-length mirror so while he could see and appreciate my growing curves, I never even knew they were there. He was losing weight because of the achalaysia and I assumed my being bigger than him was just a part of that. Until one day I actually paid attention to my reflection in the frozen foods glass door and didn't recognize the person looking back at me. I weighed myself at the pharmacy and was scared and saddened that I had reached a startling (to me) 185lbs. And so it began.

My approach to physical fitness is, admittedly, pretty lax. I absolutely can not live without salt, carbs or candy. Back when I was a (totally self-conscious) teenager I found a book called "30 grams of fat a day (or less)" and it came with a little fat-gram counter you could carry around. The book itself has some sound principles that make a lot of sense. Fat makes fat. Easy, right? Anyway, that's the first leg of my "diet" and it allows for things like twizzlers! Even so I do try to stay within a certain calorie range. Now, I'm not condoning my horrible eating habits for anybody, but here's what I'm talking about:

Ok, so I munched on stale corn chips while playing Skyrim, and indulged in a bit of candy. Not the most nutritionally balanced day, but I didn't gorge and stayed within my personal ranges. SparkPeople gives me a higher fat allowance than I give myself, but I don't know how to change it... lol It also gives me a place to keep track of my workouts. Mostly biking and walking. Here's the exciting part! If you sign up for the Walgreens Rewards card (totally free) you can connect it to your Walk With Walgreens account and earn 10 points for every mile you walk! So now I walk not only to drop some pounds, but also for free nail polish! That's winning twice, it's just good business. If I may paraphrase Joe Dirt. ;)

So, yeah, that's pretty much the extent of my workout routine. I'll get on the stationary bike for as long as I can stand. I used to do 45 minute stretches, but now I'm working my way up from 15 minutes. I'll go outside and pace around the back yard listening to my mp3 player until I get bored or my legs hurt. I want to get back into yoga, but it's hard between having to go outside and the sun in my face or eventually it'll start getting cold... I know, lame-o excuses. I just need to make the time and find a way to make it work. Every now and then I'll get a wild hair and pump iron on the weight set my sister left here, but not very often. Or I'll randomly start doing crunches or something while I have food in the microwave. Nothing too strenuous or overly challenging. Why? Because I won't do it! I can totally get on the bike for X minutes every day and that's the point.

Seems crazy, right? With a multi-billion dollar industry built around trying to make people skinny? All these crazy diets that try to tell you not to eat foods you enjoy and selling you hundred (or thousand) dollar pieces of equipment? Oh I used to buy into it, too. When I was a teenager. As an adult I know a thing or two about my how my mind and body work and what it takes to keep my spirit happy in the process. Paying just a little more attention to the amounts of food I was eating and forcing myself to do the bare minimum physical activity to count as "exercise" I lost a little over 35lbs. Granted 150lbs isn't 135lbs, but then I'm not a teenager anymore and Aaron would kill me if I got too skinny. LOL I will admit I did get lazy and gained back 13lbs, but I don't foresee any problems losing it again. I'm already off to a good start. Went from 162 down to 158.5 before I even "officially" restarted today. I'll only be weighing in once a week, but I do want to try and make it down to 145. If Aaron starts complaining that my boobs are looking smaller then I guess I'll have to settle with 150. I don't mind. I never would have thought so 15 years ago, but 150 is a good, happy number. It's a number my body and my husband are both happy with. I don't have to be a stick figure. I don't want to be a stick figure. It's not who I am. I'm a curvy girl who likes candy and pasta, and I'm OK.


  1. Love the post! I have struggled (properly) with weight most of my life, and I still have a ways to go. I agree with the fat thing. I am vegan, but didn't lose any weight until I cut down drastically on the fat. Now it's going really well.
    I love my carbs and believe firmly that humans are meant to eat that primarily. Atkins and other inhumane diets make me properly mad. Glad to see you are taking a route that you feel is right for you and not faddy!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you found something that works for you as well. :D Kudos on going vegan. I don't think I could ever do that, but I totally respect people who do. Atkins people make me mad, too. It's a totally insane way to try to live! It does work for some people, I guess, but I really don't think it's healthy... and I'm the girl that uses candy as a diet tool. ;)

    2. My boyfriend is a meat eater, but he eats MODERATE amounts of meat. Probably the same amount of animal products in a week that those crazy atkiners eat in a day. I think eating meat is a choice everyone must make, but why gorge yourself on the stuff? Seems so sick and wrong to me. I'll get off my soapbox now :)
      Veganism is surprisingly easy, and that's coming from a girl who used to love her plain yoghurt!
      Sweets as a diet tool? I'm totally in :D

    3. Here in Texas people don't even have to be on Atkins to eat obscene amounts of meat. -_- It's seriously disturbing. I try to eat minimum amounts of actual meat, but don't really stress on eggs (my mom tries to buy farm fresh when she can) and milk and stuff. I know I should, but man... I drive myself crazy worrying about too many things as it is.

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