Thursday, September 27, 2012

KleanColor: TLC & Essie: Shine Of The Times

Hey! Did you know there was such a thing as a pastel neon? Or... neon pastel? ....I sure didn't!

Woah! Right? TLC by KleanColor is a bizarre pastel green neon cream. Totally blew my mind. The first coat went on a bit streaky, but the second smoothed everything out and I didn't even need a third to make it opaque. KleanColor does really great when they stay away from jelly formulas. ;)

And to give you an idea of the glowy nature of this pastel, a picture in the shade:

Am I the only one that thinks this is outrageously weird? lol When I set my mind on finally trying out Shine Of The Times I had no idea that TLC was going to end up as bright as it was. So... it doesn't look quite as spectacular here as I think it can.

Even so, here's an up-close:

Meh. I still want to try it over a pale lavendar or possibly pink. I think that'd look cute. I mean, check out the bottle!

Serious potential stored up in there. Shine Of The Times is packed full of flakies and I only needed one coat for that coverage. It is a bit thick and even with topcoat it took long enough to dry that I kept denting it. :/ It was, however, very easy to remove considering how dense it is. Will definitely try to showcase it better. I did matte it, but it's been all overcast and my camera was not wanting to pick up the difference. Sorry!

So I mentioned yesterday that my midnight-splurge China Glaze ecollection should be in the mail, and it was!

Yay! I love the colors and the eco-inspired names. Especially Shower Together. ;) And Tree Hugger. lol I was looking at the colors and had another "A-ha!" moment. The whole reason I got into China Glaze in the first place was for water marble and these colors would look great together in a water marble! So last night I did a couple of tests and OMG they spread so cooperatively!!

Those aren't the final colors. I meant to grab grey, but my hand instinctively went for green.... -_- I have a dress with yellow, brown and grey and if I'm lucky Aaron will let me wear it tomorrow to match my nails. My... uh... boobs pop out a little. :/ *ahem* Anyway, tomorrow I will definitely have a water marble for you. :D It'll be fun. You should come back to see it. LOL Almost Friday!! Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. Love the green! Awesome colour. The flakies look pretty on top, nice and subtle, but adds something extra :)

    1. hehehe It is pretty awesome. I think I'm going to have to add a full size bottle to my amazon wishlist. ;) I'm not 100% happy with the flakie combo. :/ Definitely will have to try those again on something else.

  2. That pastel neon is cray! It literally glows, seriously weird but totally cool

    1. I knew it was weird! LOL Cool, but still very unexpected. KleanColor definitely has some interesting colors.


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