Sunday, September 23, 2012

China Glaze: Swanky Silk & SC: All About You

Howdy, howdy, howdy. How do you like my new banner thingy up top? Cool, huh? Contemplating re-doing my stash page button so it blends in a bit better. Now that I know how to calculate hex code. Love the internet.

First polish I have for you is China Glaze Swanky Silk. I got this one because it was supposed to be the "most duochromey" out of the collection. It kind of is in some lights, but that's not why I'm totally in love with this color.

Swanky Silk isn't just "pretty", it's zen in a bottle. As soon as I started applying it (two coats) I felt totally at ease. My camera absolutely does not do this polish justice at all.

For the most part you get this subdued gold/tan/beige color and from some angles there's definite green and pink as well. I know this is the "most tame" out of the collection, but it made me want to give a few of the others a try as well.

I was going to swatch All About You yesterday, but it just was not showing up over Zincing Of You. It's not totally contrasting over Swanky Silk either, but hopefully you can get an idea of what it looks like.

All About You is mostly an orange-gold glitter with a smattering of red thrown in there. Colette would call this "sparkly" because it's more than a shimmer, but really less than a glitter. It dries very smooth. This is also two coats.

It's not really super fantastic.... just that it caught my eye because it's sparkly. Sinful Colors has a tendency to do that to me. :p

The other day I finally made my way out to the other Walgreens in town. Of course I checked the polish because they sometimes sell Nabi and I was hoping they would have the metallics out. They did not. I did get a little lucky because they had the leftover magnetic and crackle polishes marked down to $1.49. I was a good girl and only got two. Khaki (left) and Natural (right).

Last night I peeked over at head2toebeauty and guess what they have for sale....

On the bright side The PolishAholic has swatches and the only ones that I really like are Cast A Spell, Bizarre Blurple, and Immortal. $16 with shipping isn't too bad. Practically buy 2 get 1 free, right? Just gotta come up with the money since I tapped out my internet resources getting the ecollection. :/

I do have some good news. I was a bit put out when I found out that Coterie was shipping my Butter Londons through FedEx. Out of everybody they're the most unreliable as far as finding us. Fortunately according to the website I should be able to have them hold the package at the nearest FedEx store so I can just go pick them up! *fingers crossed* Super psyched about that. Oh, and I picked out my Julep box. They're doing crackles for Halloween which I know a lot of people are going to groan about, but I'm happy. I'm getting a nice, light taupe/tannish color and a white crackle topcoat and some instant dry drops. Did I mention that already? I feel like I might have. really is dragging ass, huh? I keep thinking "I can order dinner now" and it's still almost 3 hours too early.... Guess I'll see if I can get lucky on OpinionOutpost and maybe earn enough for those China Glazes. ;) That'd be awesome. Take care y'all! Hope everyone's in for a fantastic week. It's finally Autumn! Time to celebrate!! :D


  1. I'm still undecided about this whole collection, they don't appear to be very duochromey. This is a weird colour really lol

    1. Yeah, I think the way the polishes looked in the bottles gave people some really high expectations. The colors are actually really nice, but if you're expecting more than they do fall a bit flat. Hopefully China Glaze will take this as a lesson learned.


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