Friday, September 28, 2012

China Glaze: Solar Power & Water Marble

Hello hello hello! How's everybody doing? Good? Great. I'm exhausted and my day is only about 3/4 over, but I have a single-serve stuffed crust Digiorno waiting for me to devour it so that's something to look forward to before bed. And then the hour-long walk to burn some of it off, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. ;) For now I have for you darlings China Glaze: Solar Power!

Ok, so I'm not really that excited about a yellow polish. That's kind of why I picked it. Get it out of the way, ya know? I do like that it's kind of a toned down yellow and there's some nice shimmer in there, but it's still not doing my skin any favors. I can generally tell which pictures are better because my hands aren't red-toned, but... that didn't quite work out well in this case.

Can you see the shimmer? It's pretty subtle, but definitely visible. That's two coats, nice smooth formula; I really really like it... maybe I'll use it as an accent color for something in the future.

Next up I present the pretty pretty dress I picked up, but haven't been able to wear, that was the inspiration for today's water marble:

Cute, right? Except the bra I have that doesn't push my boobs out of the top doesn't quite work with it. *boo* Here's the colors I used:

Left to right that's Hybrid, Solar Power and Recycle. All from the eco-llection. I was random searching for points/cents and came across one of Colette's swirly water marble videos and decided that's what I wanted to do. Swirls! I had moderate-to-fair success.

I didn't get quite as much of the brown as I expected, and when I switched up the order I got way more brown than grey. Also, I have a problem with popping out the dollop of polish that builds up in the center of the swirl without getting a gaping hole. :/ Still. Not awful. Here are my two favorites:

That's my right thumb and left index finger. :) Water marble is fun. LOL Sadly it must go because tomorrow is Sinful Saturday! I have a ton of those still to go through. More now after my trip to Walgreens....

I got Sinful Colors Jungle Trail and Smokin and since it was in a two-pack and I couldn't resist the free polish I also have Wet n Wild Saved By The Blue and Party Of Five Glitters.... Didn't really want the glitter, but I can't turn down free... much of anything... ;)

Speaking of FREE! The lovely Lacey found another link for $10 on Copious and I now have Orly's Mysterious Curse on it's way to me. For free! OMG I love free. So much less guilt with free. I've also got my Julep Maven box on it's way. Not free, but still pretty excited. Would be super if they'd happen to throw Elizabeth in one of the November boxes so I could wear my name for my birthday, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. :p

Oh geez, I still need to organize my drawers. And I believe there is a pizza calling my name. hehehehe Hope everyone has a super fantastical weekend!!!


  1. when was that free credit available?
    Why didn't I notice. Sad.
    Great find by the way.

    1. Looks like it was last night around 10ish central time. If you haven't yet, you should 'like' Lace and Lacquers on facebook. She's great at finding all kinds of deals!

      I just happen to be on facebook most of the day....

  2. What a great water marble! Love the yellow too, and I think it does suit you.

    1. Thank you! :D I'm so not used to yellows. I'm glad you like it. :)

  3. That water marble turned out great, I love the swirl idea looks coool!

    1. Thanks. :D I'm going to try and water marble a little more regularly. Can't get better without practice, right? lol


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