Sunday, September 9, 2012

China Glaze: Rose Among Thorns & Kissed!

Hello lovelies! First up I'd like to share this "Kiss" from the darling Miriam over at Cantinho dos Esmaltes! Which, if google is translating properly means "Corner Enamels". I was also kissed by the lovely Larissa from Loucas Por Unhas Desenhadas! Which, I believe, is "Nails Designed by Loucas"? I think.

Isn't that awesome? :D I don't know if it's like the other awards, but near as I can figure I've got to "kiss" 10 other blogs that I like, so I'm putting it over on the right sidebar with the others. As always there will be a permanent link to Miriam's blog there as well. You should go check it out, she does some really neat designs. Now, in the order they're currently randomly appearing on my blogger reading list, here are my favoritest blogs that I feel deserve a kiss from Lizzy:

1. Cantinho dos Esmaltes
2. Loucas Por Unhas Desenhadas
3. AbbieNail
4. The Collegiate Nail
5. Frazzle and Aniploish
6. Lace and Lacquers
7. The Nail Buff
8. My World
9. Cotton Candy Blog

and because I still love her and hope one day she'll come back to blogging:

10. A Plethora of Nails

Yes, I follow a lot more blogs than I used to. lol It's the addiction. ;)

Speaking of addiction, today's polish is born of both that and my undying stubbornness. ....Lotta double letters in that word, but Chrome isn't flagging it as a typo, so I guess it has to be right, eh? *ahem* Without further delay, China Glaze's Rose Among Thorns! My most recent endeavor to try and find a true red neon polish!

I'm not even going to pretend to know how this color looks on your monitor. LOL In real life it's really really close to being red... but with some definite orangey undertones. Now... I think China Glaze may have changed the formula on this? I was reading one blog that said that it was nearly opaque in one coat, and that was absolutely not the case for me. I'm glad I put panties on because it was jelly-sheer. Like sheer jelly sheer. Thankfully it's also matte so it didn't take all night to dry.

I wanted to try and do something for nail art, but I couldn't think of anything. Sorry! Tomorrow I'm bustin' out one of the SH Chromes, so who knows? Maybe some stamping in the futre? We'll see! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Maybe it's tomato red? Lol it's still pretty cute though! Thanks for the kiss lovely ;)

    1. Tomato is definitely a good description. Like, not 100% ripe, maybe. lol Also, you're very welcome. *mwah*


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