Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ChG: Immortal & SC: Sour Grapes & Runts: Blue Raspberry

Yep. Three polishes. I did my toes. ;) Just a warning for any foot-phobes. They'll be at the end. They should look a bit better than last time since I remembered to not walk out into the backyard barefoot this time. hehehe

So, I've been in the mood for grey a lot lately. Immortal is kind of a dark, blue-toned grey, but it's still grey and omg I just love it.

The close-up isn't really color accurate, but you can see the shimmer better. Looks mostly silver, purple and teal. How cool is that?!

So gorgeous and now I want to get my hands on Elephant Walk and any other grey I can... LOL So I really wanted to use my Nubar Polka Dots over Immortal, especially since I haven't tried the white ones yet, but every time I scroll through my (newly renamed) "Collection" page (link above!) Sour Grapes stands out as something I've put off for way too long.

It's not really special. Kind of an almost-neon purple with a striping brush, but I got this before I ordered my brushes so I was super psyched about it at the time.

I don't even know what's with this design. LOL I was initially going to fabricate some french tips with that starburst sorta design I'm so fond of making with these brushes and... right from the first nail it wasn't working. So I did the first stroke and then just added another one from the other side. :p It's hard to say, but I think my right hand may have turned out a teensy bit better?

*shrugs* My feet are next so you can either scroll past really quickly for the rest of the post or leave now if you have a foot aversion. If you leave now you'll miss my nail mail! The rest of us will be glimpsing another "I'm a big fat liar" polish.

Why am I a big fat liar? I don't know, man, it just happens! OK? LOL *ahem* Oh, why am I a big fat liar this time? Oh. Well, it's simple. I was chatting last night and asked my chat buddy what color I should paint my toes and he said "blue" and then I had a total "a-ha!" moment. These Runts scented polishes suck out loud and I really didn't want to put myself through the horror of trying them on my fingers again. But my toes! My toes are a whole other story. If the polish flakes or peels off prematurely then that just means I get to paint them again even sooner. And I'm not picky about a polish being a little sheer if it's on my feet. My feet don't generally get that close to my face. Unless I just got out of the shower and wanted to see if this polish smelled like Blue Raspberry, that is! Which it does. Not anymore, but it did last night.

See what I mean? Pretty colors! Shit formula. It's already peeling off like plastic wrap. It did go on my toes better, but that's probably because it's one coat and my toenails are... how do I put this delicately... textured differently? They're on the rough side. Whatever. At least now I can get these polishes linked without subjecting myself to countless horrors. Horrors!!!

*ahem* Sorry. Been a long day. So tired. Partly thanks to FedEx not letting me utilize their "hold at the nearest location" option. So I was stressing all day about my Butter Londons. I made signs and put them up and made sure someone was here all day. Funny story: I took Jet outside to do her business while I took pictures of Sour Grapes and when I came back around the house my package was wedged in the gate!

YAY!! From left to right you have my "complimentary" matte topcoat (super psyched), All Hail The Queen, Bluey and Knackered. Yes, another purple/green duochrome. They had a limited selection and it was either that, a red or Wallis which I already have. Still, I'm excited about it and you know what it means, right? Yet another purple/green duochrome post in the future because both Knackered and Not Like The Movies (OPI) are lighter in color and have the sparkle/shimmer. All this for only $11!!! *dies* What? I gave y'all the link and the codes. Can't blame me if nobody actually reads my ramblings. :p

So. Aside from my myriad bottles I still have nearly the whole new essence line to go through, tons of Misas, a handful of new China Glazes and now three whole Butter Londons. *dies* I haven't forgotten my preciouses I'm just very easily distracted... I think, though... I think tomorrow I'm reaching for a Misa... Hope everyone is well and having a great week!

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