Friday, September 21, 2012

California Nails: "Pearl" & Julep: O Canada!

hehehe I said I was gonna. ;) Yes, I got O Canada! in the mail yesterday and knew I had to wear it. I kind of wanted to do a pale blue base, but nothing looked right. So I decided to try out another gifted polish. This teeny little bottle doesn't have a color name on it, so I'm calling it "Pearl". Can you guess why?

It went on surprisingly smoothly and dry time was "meh". I ended up with three coats because I did get some sleep damage.

I do like this color as a base, but... these sorts of polish all have one fatal flaw....

Nearly invisible from some angles which results in Random Acts of VNL. LOL I could have layered it over white, but I was already sleepy and didn't want to spend hours on my nails. After getting pictures of this I applied one coat of O Canada!.

How cute is that?! O Canada! has small red glitter and teeny little white glitters.

I could have done more coats for more glitter, but I kind of like this delicate look. This would be great for winter or Valentine's Day. The frosty base makes me think of snow. Interestingly the red glitter doesn't make me think of blood drops on snow.... hrm.... Anyway, I knew right away I had to matte it.

I know, sometimes it's so hard to tell the difference in my pictures and I don't understand why....

In real life it has a nice frosted glaze, like icy winter windows. I really really like this combination.

Now, I didn't pre-warn in the title, so if naked nails make you want to hurl: avert your eyes now. lol I was sitting here so long last night without polish it was almost a compulsion to snap a picture.

It doesn't really seem like the staining is growing out anymore, does it? It's definitely lighter near my cuticles, but still pretty yellow out at the tips. Kind of like a gross, stainy gradient. -_- I change my polish daily so it's not like it's just sitting on there suffocating my nails. I really don't know. Still base-coating every time, too. *shrugs* It would take about 6 months of no polish to totally grow them out and that is not a time investment I'm willing (or possibly able) to make. Ah well. At least other things are good. Made it 16 minutes on the bike this time and turns out I was within my calorie goal yesterday. Woohoo! It feels good to be pro-active. Thankfully my diet strategy is pretty lax so if I can muster even a smidgen of willpower (which failed me last night when I ordered the China Glaze ecollection polish set) I can still have gummies. In moderation. If I have willpower....

OH! I finally got the shipping confirmation for my Coterie order (Butter London woohoo!) and it's coming FedEx... *cries* I'm going to keep an eye on the tracker and as soon as it gets close I'm putting up arrows and signs. No way am I losing those polishes to some lazy driver who can't follow simple GPS instructions. Ok, I'm rambling now. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. I too have stained nails. Is there any way to get rid of the staining other than waiting for them to grow?

    1. It depends on the level of staining, I think. My mother in law swears by soaking them in lemon juice, but that didn't work for me. I'm pretty sure Sally's Beauty Supply sells nail whitening kits. I haven't tried them since I keep my nails polished all the time anyway, but that might work for you.


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