Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wet n Wild: Jezebel & Once Upon A Time

YAY!! O_o Why yay? Because today will start Lizzy's 31 Days of Halloween. I don't know how or if I'll be able to pull it off, but I'm going to try. And I'm starting a day early because, if you didn't know, our anniversary is on Halloween so it's a very busy day for us and I don't know if I'll have time to blog. I may, but I can't count on it. So let's get started, shall we?

I grabbed Jezebel because it was on sale and I liked the name/color combo. For a red, I kinda like it. It's deep and shimmery and almost like bloooooood. LOL

If you're wondering, like I was, if Jezebel is a dupe for Perceval then fear not! I've got ya covered.

Close, but no cigar. Jezebel is a bit darker and required two coats; and Perceval is one coat and still my favoritest red ever. Still, had to swatch Jezebel and had to have undies for Once Upon A Time!

Yep, Halloweeny tombstone bottle. Once Upon A Time is red glitter in a sheer black base. I thought you might want to see it over black, so I went ahead and did that for ya, too. Aren't I just the best? XD

There ya go. Once Upon A Time was a bit thick, but not terribly hard to work with. It's got a decent amount of the bigger glitters so you could probably get full coverage if you really wanted to work with it. Next I had to test out my Butter London matte topcoat!

Which I love. Went on smoothly and dried super quickly.

So... I got my October Julep box yesterday. :D Only thing I didn't get a picture of was the candy corn. That went straight into the trash. I abhor candy corn. I did like this, though:

And two little pots of loose orange and black glitter dust.

And the big bottle of quick dry drops:

Which worked ok over super thick glitter polish. I'll be doing some extensive testing with this. ;) And the polish!

Hermoine on the left is a crackle and Lisa on the right is a... oh bother, let me check the site... Lisa is a "warm pebble grey creme". Nice. OMG You know what else is nice?!

Winning 1000 SwagBucks! Not only that, I reached the goal every day in September so I'll be getting some big ole' bonus points this coming week. Yay! I checked the A England site and she finally put the new Gothic collection up for sale. Woohoo! There's only two I want from that, but it's nice to know they'll be available when I cash out... in a couple of months... lol

Tomorrow is Metallic Monday so I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to make that Halloween themed, but I'll try. I do have some Halloween stamping plates. We'll see, right? Hope everyone had a super fantastic weekend! :D

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sinful Colors: Cinderella & Let's Meet

Anybody else seen that movie House Bunny? LOL "What was her name again? Oh yeah! Cinderella." Too funny. I know this is an old polish and the hype has long since passed, but Cinderella remains unlinked in my collection so I'm here to change that.

I've actually used Cinderella before in my Brak Inspired Quilt Mani so I was a bit surprised to find that it was so milky and sheer. That's three coats.

I've heard this color described as "too kiddy", but I like it. Just wish I had layered it over something. I was going to use some of those french-tip stamping plates to cover that up, but I couldn't think of a suitable tip color and then I decided I'd much rather get another less-than-enthused color out of the way. I'm glad I didn't decide to do a full mani with it, because Let's Meet is definitely one of those polishes where the name is the best thing about it.

Hrm. That's also three coats. It has an interesting orange shimmer which isn't quite coming off as orange in the pics.

Yeah... Unless you're totally into yellows I probably wouldn't recommend this one. I can't believe I actually wondered how close it was to Solar Power.

Not even close. Sorry the color is off in that one. It's been raining all day so I just took pics inside with the flash and no matter how far away I moved my hand that last pose just didn't not want to un-tinge. :/ I'm sure you get the idea, though.

I can't believe September is almost over! EEEEEEP! Tomorrow I'm going to start on Halloweenish polishes and nail arts. Hopefully it will remind me to start working on my costume before it's too late! No idea what we're physically doing yet, but we've had our costumes picked out for months. We're doing Beetlejuice and Lydia. He's doing Beetlejuice from the movie, but I like Lydia from the cartoon with the red spiderweb poncho. Of course I have to make my poncho, but it shouldn't be too hard. Going to measure myself tonight and pick up material tomorrow.

Oh my goodness!! LOL I thought for sure since the last day of the month was a Sunday I'd have to wait 'til Monday for my Julep box, but NO! Just checked the tracker and it's out for delivery so I should have that in about an hour. Awesomesauce! Julep and A England, by far, have the absolute fastest shipping ever! Head2ToeBeauty runs a very close second, though. And they take paypal so of course I lurves them for that.

Ok, I'm rambling. Time to go save Aaron from my mother and see if he needs help making dinner. ;) Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2012

China Glaze: Solar Power & Water Marble

Hello hello hello! How's everybody doing? Good? Great. I'm exhausted and my day is only about 3/4 over, but I have a single-serve stuffed crust Digiorno waiting for me to devour it so that's something to look forward to before bed. And then the hour-long walk to burn some of it off, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. ;) For now I have for you darlings China Glaze: Solar Power!

Ok, so I'm not really that excited about a yellow polish. That's kind of why I picked it. Get it out of the way, ya know? I do like that it's kind of a toned down yellow and there's some nice shimmer in there, but it's still not doing my skin any favors. I can generally tell which pictures are better because my hands aren't red-toned, but... that didn't quite work out well in this case.

Can you see the shimmer? It's pretty subtle, but definitely visible. That's two coats, nice smooth formula; I really really like it... maybe I'll use it as an accent color for something in the future.

Next up I present the pretty pretty dress I picked up, but haven't been able to wear, that was the inspiration for today's water marble:

Cute, right? Except the bra I have that doesn't push my boobs out of the top doesn't quite work with it. *boo* Here's the colors I used:

Left to right that's Hybrid, Solar Power and Recycle. All from the eco-llection. I was random searching for points/cents and came across one of Colette's swirly water marble videos and decided that's what I wanted to do. Swirls! I had moderate-to-fair success.

I didn't get quite as much of the brown as I expected, and when I switched up the order I got way more brown than grey. Also, I have a problem with popping out the dollop of polish that builds up in the center of the swirl without getting a gaping hole. :/ Still. Not awful. Here are my two favorites:

That's my right thumb and left index finger. :) Water marble is fun. LOL Sadly it must go because tomorrow is Sinful Saturday! I have a ton of those still to go through. More now after my trip to Walgreens....

I got Sinful Colors Jungle Trail and Smokin and since it was in a two-pack and I couldn't resist the free polish I also have Wet n Wild Saved By The Blue and Party Of Five Glitters.... Didn't really want the glitter, but I can't turn down free... much of anything... ;)

Speaking of FREE! The lovely Lacey found another link for $10 on Copious and I now have Orly's Mysterious Curse on it's way to me. For free! OMG I love free. So much less guilt with free. I've also got my Julep Maven box on it's way. Not free, but still pretty excited. Would be super if they'd happen to throw Elizabeth in one of the November boxes so I could wear my name for my birthday, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. :p

Oh geez, I still need to organize my drawers. And I believe there is a pizza calling my name. hehehehe Hope everyone has a super fantastical weekend!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

KleanColor: TLC & Essie: Shine Of The Times

Hey! Did you know there was such a thing as a pastel neon? Or... neon pastel? ....I sure didn't!

Woah! Right? TLC by KleanColor is a bizarre pastel green neon cream. Totally blew my mind. The first coat went on a bit streaky, but the second smoothed everything out and I didn't even need a third to make it opaque. KleanColor does really great when they stay away from jelly formulas. ;)

And to give you an idea of the glowy nature of this pastel, a picture in the shade:

Am I the only one that thinks this is outrageously weird? lol When I set my mind on finally trying out Shine Of The Times I had no idea that TLC was going to end up as bright as it was. So... it doesn't look quite as spectacular here as I think it can.

Even so, here's an up-close:

Meh. I still want to try it over a pale lavendar or possibly pink. I think that'd look cute. I mean, check out the bottle!

Serious potential stored up in there. Shine Of The Times is packed full of flakies and I only needed one coat for that coverage. It is a bit thick and even with topcoat it took long enough to dry that I kept denting it. :/ It was, however, very easy to remove considering how dense it is. Will definitely try to showcase it better. I did matte it, but it's been all overcast and my camera was not wanting to pick up the difference. Sorry!

So I mentioned yesterday that my midnight-splurge China Glaze ecollection should be in the mail, and it was!

Yay! I love the colors and the eco-inspired names. Especially Shower Together. ;) And Tree Hugger. lol I was looking at the colors and had another "A-ha!" moment. The whole reason I got into China Glaze in the first place was for water marble and these colors would look great together in a water marble! So last night I did a couple of tests and OMG they spread so cooperatively!!

Those aren't the final colors. I meant to grab grey, but my hand instinctively went for green.... -_- I have a dress with yellow, brown and grey and if I'm lucky Aaron will let me wear it tomorrow to match my nails. My... uh... boobs pop out a little. :/ *ahem* Anyway, tomorrow I will definitely have a water marble for you. :D It'll be fun. You should come back to see it. LOL Almost Friday!! Hope everyone's having a great week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Misa: Shields Up & Compare

What's in a name? Well, according to my beliefs a name contains the very essence of a thing. There are cases where a little context is in order (not many people appreciate Aaron's pet-name for me until we explain it), but as far as polish I think we can take it pretty well at face value. I said I was going to wear Misa today. I hadn't initially intended that Misa to be Shields Up. I got the risque ones because, first and foremost, I love the names. They strike a chord in me. I was feeling really good yesterday and wanted to supplement that. Then, well, let's just say that I needed my shields.

I think at some point I knew that Shields Up was another purple/green duochrome, but I sort of re-realized it when I grabbed the bottle. This one has sparkle so there will be a comparison coming up in this post.

The formula was smooth, but oh-so painfully sheer. This is four coats and...

still pretty sheer from certain angles. Next time I'll wear it over black or something. Here's a shot that captures why we all love duochrome so very much.

Just fabulous. Could anything be prettier? And, hey, I didn't cry so my little polish magic helped. Video!

I do kind of wonder what they put in these polishes that's so readily available that I have, what, seven of them? Eight? Something. Anyway, today I'm going to compare the three I have that are both duochromed and shimmery. I've had problems before remembering which finger had which polish, but today I had a secret. Can you guess?

Misa, OPI, Butter London. MOB. LOL!

So how do they compare?

Ok, left to right: Shields Up is the most subdued with the least shimmer. Not Like The Movies is the most opaque with a bit more shimmer, but it is kind of a Where Is The Party? dupe with shimmer. Knackered is about as sheer as Shields Up but it's got tons of holo shimmer! I mean, look at it! Also, it's purple is a little more blue/lavendar toned. The formula on all three was great, minus sheerness, and all of them dried fairly quickly. I actually expected them to be more similar, but I'm glad they're not. ;) I also checked Chic Reloaded to see if that was a WITP dupe like I thought, and it is not. Totally different. Oh, here's the green:

So, do I have a favorite? No way! Are you kidding? Misa has the whole name-thing going for it, OPI's got great opacity and Butter London's shimmer is to die for. I'd like to think I'd be able to stop myself from buying another purple/green duochrome (I've done alright not picking up more gold/green ones), but... What can I say? Two of my favorite colors together in one bottle and I still find the color-shift fascinating. Odds are quite good if I see another one I'll snatch it right up. Assuming it's within my budget to do so. lol

I had contemplated putting this off because my China Glazes should be coming in today, but I can just add that to tomorrow's post. So what's in store for tomorrow? Well... it's Thursday so.... I have no idea. Hopefully yola will let me update my collection page so I can get a good look at what I have. I may need to re-arrange my drawers because OMG they're getting full again. I think Aaron might have a small fit if I need another set of drawers.... Don't even know where I'd put it.... Hope everyone's having a great week. Happy polishing!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ChG: Immortal & SC: Sour Grapes & Runts: Blue Raspberry

Yep. Three polishes. I did my toes. ;) Just a warning for any foot-phobes. They'll be at the end. They should look a bit better than last time since I remembered to not walk out into the backyard barefoot this time. hehehe

So, I've been in the mood for grey a lot lately. Immortal is kind of a dark, blue-toned grey, but it's still grey and omg I just love it.

The close-up isn't really color accurate, but you can see the shimmer better. Looks mostly silver, purple and teal. How cool is that?!

So gorgeous and now I want to get my hands on Elephant Walk and any other grey I can... LOL So I really wanted to use my Nubar Polka Dots over Immortal, especially since I haven't tried the white ones yet, but every time I scroll through my (newly renamed) "Collection" page (link above!) Sour Grapes stands out as something I've put off for way too long.

It's not really special. Kind of an almost-neon purple with a striping brush, but I got this before I ordered my brushes so I was super psyched about it at the time.

I don't even know what's with this design. LOL I was initially going to fabricate some french tips with that starburst sorta design I'm so fond of making with these brushes and... right from the first nail it wasn't working. So I did the first stroke and then just added another one from the other side. :p It's hard to say, but I think my right hand may have turned out a teensy bit better?

*shrugs* My feet are next so you can either scroll past really quickly for the rest of the post or leave now if you have a foot aversion. If you leave now you'll miss my nail mail! The rest of us will be glimpsing another "I'm a big fat liar" polish.

Why am I a big fat liar? I don't know, man, it just happens! OK? LOL *ahem* Oh, why am I a big fat liar this time? Oh. Well, it's simple. I was chatting last night and asked my chat buddy what color I should paint my toes and he said "blue" and then I had a total "a-ha!" moment. These Runts scented polishes suck out loud and I really didn't want to put myself through the horror of trying them on my fingers again. But my toes! My toes are a whole other story. If the polish flakes or peels off prematurely then that just means I get to paint them again even sooner. And I'm not picky about a polish being a little sheer if it's on my feet. My feet don't generally get that close to my face. Unless I just got out of the shower and wanted to see if this polish smelled like Blue Raspberry, that is! Which it does. Not anymore, but it did last night.

See what I mean? Pretty colors! Shit formula. It's already peeling off like plastic wrap. It did go on my toes better, but that's probably because it's one coat and my toenails are... how do I put this delicately... textured differently? They're on the rough side. Whatever. At least now I can get these polishes linked without subjecting myself to countless horrors. Horrors!!!

*ahem* Sorry. Been a long day. So tired. Partly thanks to FedEx not letting me utilize their "hold at the nearest location" option. So I was stressing all day about my Butter Londons. I made signs and put them up and made sure someone was here all day. Funny story: I took Jet outside to do her business while I took pictures of Sour Grapes and when I came back around the house my package was wedged in the gate!

YAY!! From left to right you have my "complimentary" matte topcoat (super psyched), All Hail The Queen, Bluey and Knackered. Yes, another purple/green duochrome. They had a limited selection and it was either that, a red or Wallis which I already have. Still, I'm excited about it and you know what it means, right? Yet another purple/green duochrome post in the future because both Knackered and Not Like The Movies (OPI) are lighter in color and have the sparkle/shimmer. All this for only $11!!! *dies* What? I gave y'all the link and the codes. Can't blame me if nobody actually reads my ramblings. :p

So. Aside from my myriad bottles I still have nearly the whole new essence line to go through, tons of Misas, a handful of new China Glazes and now three whole Butter Londons. *dies* I haven't forgotten my preciouses I'm just very easily distracted... I think, though... I think tomorrow I'm reaching for a Misa... Hope everyone is well and having a great week!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sally Hansen: Rose Diamond Chrome

Time for another Metallic Monday! I'm kinda flying through these old chromes. Yay! And I finally got around to removing the yellow from my toes so I'm going to start doing some of those reds down there. Things to look forward to.

Rose Diamond Chrome is not at all what I expected. I was thinking it would be a soft pink, but it's really more of a taupe/lavender.... ish?

Interesting. Photobucket isn't adding the extra nonsense to the ends of my file names. Hrm.

This went on smoothly and since I was painting my nails in the dark again I used two coats to be 100% sure it was opaque. Like the others it was totally dry in about 30 seconds. I love that!

There's a shot of Rose Diamond Chrome in the shade for you. Weird how different it looks, huh?

We spent most of the day in Round Rock. Went by Spirit Store for some latex so Aaron can make more zombie heads (I'll be posting pics as soon as I can) and his mom gave us directions to this big place called "Halloween Costume Warehouse" so we wandered through that for a while. They had a Super Target nearby and we checked that out, too. Lots of walking. My feet hurt. lol After picking up dinner and dropping him back off home I went out to Ulta. Guess what?!

They actually had the new China Glaze Halloween display! :D And for the next week China Glaze is Buy 2 Get 1 Free!! So I got Bizarre Blurple, Immortal, and Cast A Spell for $11.37 with my coupon. That's three for less than the price of two and $5 cheaper than I could've gotten them online! *dies* I printed out another coupon and may go back tomorrow. hehehehe

So... yeah. I have some SwagBucks earning to get on top of (big goal today) and I'm going to have Immortal all ready for you tomorrow. And some random red. LOL Immortal for sure, though. Hopefully Yola's gotten it's act together so I can update my stash page. :/ Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!