Monday, August 20, 2012

Wet n Wild: No-Gas, Electrically Charged

Hi, everybody! First I have to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents. They got married 35 years ago today. :D Second, before I get to the polish, I have an announcement! After hours of grueling clicking today I made enough SBs to cash out for the $100!!! *throws confetti* As I've come to expect: nobody on facebook cares. At least I have you guys. So now I'm just waiting for the actual redemption to go through and the funds to be deposited. I will be neurotically checking my email for the notice. Until then.... Happy Magnetic Monday! I have quite a few things to say about Wet n Wild's new magnetic polish, so I'll start with a picture.

Would you just look at that? I think this is one of the best results I've ever gotten. From freakin' Wet n Wild!

Seriously? I got the design most of the way around almost all of my nails! If you look closely at the second picture (the top pic out of the bottom two) I did touch the magnet to my nail twice while putting this mani together. Which I'll explain in a moment. First up: bottle shot.

See how the cap is all crooked?

The magnet is removable, but the brush stem is squared so it's not lining up with the bottle. No big deal, I guess, but worth mentioning. Up next: the magnet.

Good size and, as we've seen, great strength, but....

What the crap, man? I kind of understand the misguided logic behind this design, but these little ledges on the long sides of the magnet made it impossible to see what I was doing. Since the magnet is flat and not curved, I don't quite get what might have inspired it exactly. It's like blinders. I had to put up my knee, plant my finger on my knee, hover the magnet, squint my eyes to make sure it wasn't touching, and pray. Which was 80% successful. I wonder if I can pop out the magnet without damaging it. That is really my only complaint. I love this color, even though the rest of the collection was kind of a regurgitation of other colors. Matte time!

I was telling Aaron about Magnetic Monday and he went out and got me a hematite bracelet for the occasion. :D

I think I actually prefer this one shiny. WnW did great with this polish. This color is a deep blue-green and the lines are kind of a muted gold. While shiny you do get a lot of that 3D effect that the matte topcoat doesn't quite enhance the way it has with other polishes. If I were to judge their endeavor off of this one polish (oh wait, I totally am!) I'd give it two thumbs up. Totally fab, and not bad for $5 each. Even if they do only have the one magnet design. Oh wait! I almost forgot!

This polish went on very smoothly. It dried quickly, but not so quickly I felt rushed with the magnet. Seriously, if you see these: get one. This one kind of reminds me of Edyta before adding the magnet.

Before I get to the other two things I want to touch on, one last bit of magnet related goodness. Last night Sandy found this tutorial for making your own! Thanks, Sandy!! I think I was on the right track, just a little off. Fortunately I do have a few of those "business card" magnets and I will be making my own for my (presumably) final magnetic polish. I already know which design I'm stealing, too. Come back next Monday to find out!

You know what time it is?

Time to choose my maven box for next month! I'll be honest, I'm not insanely thrilled with next months offerings, but if I do decide to go for a box, it'll be the Boho Glam. I kind of want to try the mascara. Even if it is brown. Maybe it'll prompt me to trying out a more natural eye look.

Last thing I'll roll into a 2-in-1. Last night I was bored and antsy so I re-entered my polishes into the shopping cart just to stare at their beauty and *gasp!* realized I have enough for another polish or two since I crossed some off of my wishlist! *dies* I also crossed off Platinum Pieces when I realized it was close enough to the same thing as Ulta Quake. I don't know if I want to pick a couple more cheapo ChGs or see what I can find on eBay... we'll see! Now, your freebie preview of one of my crossed-off polishes that I've been wanting forevers that was sold out on h2tb so I got it off of eBay and I will be wearing it tomorrow even though it looks more pink than red like it looks online!

China Glaze Pool Party! I did a quick test and, as I said, it looks really pink over white. That's not why I wanted it. I wanted it because of this swatch on Swatch and Learn. Can you believe she said it's more neon in real life?! We'll see!! :D Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.


  1. I like the colour with so many glitters. Nice effect

    1. I'm glad you like it. :) I saw it and had to have it.

  2. Omg well done!! It didn't take you that long to get to 100 actually, that's going to be one massive haul, can't wait to see it :D

    1. It didn't take near as long as I expected. :) I can't wait either!!! *dies* It's gonna be so fun going through them all.


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