Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wet n Wild: Glowstick +Nail Mail!

Question: How many neon green polishes does one girl really need?
Answer: All of them!!!

Like I mentioned yesterday, Glowstick is from Wet n Wild's Fergie collection. It's a beautiful neon green with a light gold shimmer.

It was looking an awful lot like I'm With The Lifeguard, so I went ahead and put that as the 3rd coat on my thumb:

Nope. Is different. Lifeguard has that silver shimmer and Glowstick has the gold. :) Looks like the same base color, though. lol Now, yes, you read that right. This is three coats and there's still a bit of VNL. I was probably going to do something, but I feel like I'm just always so busy lately. :/ Aside from being a tad sheer (which Lifeguard was not), the formula was really nice and smooth. I did have a bit of a surprise, though....

Aw c'mon Fergie, wtf? The brush is as wide as my pinky nail, which I could have shown if I had 3 hands. Still, look at that! Ok, I don't know how much Fergie actually had to do with this collection, but it's her name so I'm gonna say it's her fault. :p Somebody should have stepped up and said a brush that wide was a bad idea. I literally could not get a thin coat and got polish all over my fingers and with three coats clean-up was a nightmare. So my advice is if you have smaller nails, don't get this unless you have to have the color.

OMG So I totally didn't check the trackers this morning (cuz I'm trying really hard to not be neurotic) and look what was on my doorstep (ok, technically it's a ramp) this afternoon!!

I think I might've sensed this one, too, because I was in a pretty good mood for most of the day for absolutely no reason. :p Look what's inside!

So much polish! :D I spent the better part of two hours taking pictures and updating my spreadsheet and stash page. LOL Which, if you want to preview all of the Misas before I get to them, you can find there. On my stage page. Link's up top. I only got three China Glazes, so you can actually see all of those in the picture:

Swanky Silk, Kiwi Cool-Ada, and Rose Among Thorns which is supposed to be a "true red neon". We'll see! And the Misas:

(Typing up for the fourth time today)Spaced Out, Beyond Infinity, Phazers on Stunning, The Great Green Whatsit, Shields Up, Quirky Smile, Spinning Out of Control, Like It Like That, It's You!, Perfect Kiss, When U Say My Name, Sorry Just Can't Help It, A Sin Worth Committing, and Forbidden Lust. *phew* Don't you just love those names?! I really can't wait to start swatching. Some of them I wasn't even sure how to describe the color on my spreadsheet so I might have to do some altering after seeing the color in the sun. So exciting!! Hopefully my silver holo and Keroppi plate will get here soon, too. :D Hope everyone's having a great week. Almost Friday!


  1. are you gonna decide what to do first??? that's alot of polish to choose from!!

    1. OMG I don't even know. lol Been trying not to think about it yet. Probably one of the Sci-Fi sounding ones. Those look pretty cool.

  2. That fergie w&w is totally gorgeous! That gold shimmer is just lush :) weird brush though that would be twice as big as my pinky :P woah that's so much polish, is that all of it?

    1. The gold shimmer was definitely a surprise. I think I like the silver better, though. Just a teensy bit brighter. ;) Just got one more polish on the way. :D It's going to be SO fab!!

  3. Wow Lizzy you done went in on this polish haul! Those green nails are not for gardening, they're for LOOK AT ME I'm fabulous!!

    1. I just love a bright green! :D Totally fab. Already saving up for my next haul. Think I'll concentrate on A England next time. Won't get as many, but they're SO worth the price.


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