Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pure Ice: Wild Thing & Nubar: Black Polka Dot

Ok, sit back, close eyes, deep breath and...... aaahhhhh. Zen. In preparation for my upcoming haul I'm trying to get through some polishes that really need to be gotten through. The coming days will include finishing off some brands and swatching colors I'm less than enthused about. (looking at you NYC) I decided to start myself off easily with my final Pure Ice: Wild Thing.

Yep, two smooth coats of one of my absolute most favorite colors.

In stark contrast to their ultra-sheer shimmers, Pure Ice's creams are nearly one-coaters. It also dried really quickly. Fantastic. I couldn't help topping it off with Nubar Black Polka Dot.

The first time I saw this stark black glitter I fell in love and knew I had to have it. I also have the sister polish White Polka Dot on my amazon wishlist and ready to buy asap.

I love how simplistic and understated it is. It's black dots, it doesn't need anything else! Below, from left to right, I've swatched one, two, three and four coats of Black Polka Dot so you can see how it builds.

Uhm... Ignore that random color flash on my ring finger. I had to see how Shine of the Times looked over green. LOL Also, got a little surprise in the mail today!

It's Alive!!! So exciting. I almost wish I didn't have my mind set because tomorrow I'm doing one of those "meh" colors. To be honest... I don't even know if it will show up. O_o We'll see! I did order the Bundle Monster #2 plate set last night so now I'm waiting on that and my nail art brushes. :/ Still.

Alright, I think I'm done. Gonna paint on my base color and then see what my blogger buddies are up to. :) Love you guys!


  1. How annoying is black polka dots? It looks good but the amount of effort it takes to place that glitter! Urgh! White polka dots are a lot worse but they do look totally cute together :D

    1. It wasn't too bad. I tried not to stress too much about where the big glitters went. It was SO hard, though, since you can't even see them on the brush! *dies* Totally getting the white just as soon as I can.


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