Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pure Ice: Excuse Me & Ulta: Sun-Sational

AND I'm a guest poster! :D If you want to see what kind of monkey business I've been up to while Abbie's away, check it out here. hehehe I was so honored to be asked and I hope she's having a fantastic time in Cornwall.

So. I was going down my stash page and realized I only have a couple of yellows. Which is totally fine. I like yellow, but I'm not in lurve with yellow. My original intent was to layer them, but Pure Ice does like to surprise us and Excuse Me was not quite as sheer as I thought it might be.

Look, a little preview of things to come. hehehe This is two coats and it looks more sheer in the pictures than real life. Dried really quickly, too. I'd say maybe 20minutes for full-on clacky dry. Not bad.

Very nicely shimmery. Still, it's so yellow... I wish I had an idea for stamping or something to break up the yellowness. ;)

Fair Warning: Since I pulled it out I was determined to use Sun-Sational and so it went on my toes. Yes! Toes. If you have an aversion to feets then scroll quickly!

Two coats for full coverage, nice cream polish. Yellow. Yellowyellowyellow.... I learned something today. I don't like yellow on my toes. LOL I think I'm going to try out Minty tomorrow.

I'm quickly closing in on my 1000th post! No, that's not 1000 polish posts. :p Still, pretty exciting. I wonder what I'll do for that? Knowing me I'll forget and pass it and then feel bad. I have an idea, but we'll see. For now I'm going to look up this mission for Skyrim then shut down because I totally didn't end up Simming yesterday. I got distracted. By Skyrim. So much to do in that game!! LOL Uhm.... yeah. I think that's it. Go check out Abbie's blog and I'll see you again tomorrow with something a bit less yellow. ;) Happy Hump Day!


  1. wow your toes are bright! almost as bright as mine were with that hottopic polish!

  2. I agree, yellow on toes looks wrong haha. I don't really like yellow that much though especially if it's sheer haha :(

    1. I'm not really a huge fan. I think I have maybe 4 or 5 yellows? LOL Definitely never putting it on my toes again, that's for sure.


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