Friday, August 24, 2012

NYC: #233 & China Glaze: Cracked Concrete

LOL Today's round of digging was actually full of laughter. Brak's daughter, Hayley, wanted to be involved and so she had her little shovel and was filling up the wheelbarrow; then Walter came out and helped fill the wheelbarrow. Brak was there for moral support and we all had a great time. :) Hayley told Walter he was "so much help" and it came out sounding sarcastic, but I guess she doesn't quite understand sarcasm because she "really [meant] it". So funny. Sweaty, back-breaking, but still pretty great. It's coming along really well and we're almost done digging! I can't wait to see it full of water and fishies.

Today's first polish is NYC 233. Yep, number and no name. I said it was ugly and... there's kind of a story behind that. First a quick look. Three coats.

I very distinctly remember buying this polish. Back when I didn't buy quite so much polish and didn't really go out on my own shopping. I did this time, though. I don't recall why. I do recall I was on my own in either the old Walmart or the old Target and I decided to check out the nail polish. I remember wanting a shimmery, lilac color. So how did I end up with this awful pink? Because the display told me that #233 was a shimmery lilac! I was young and naive and figured I did have a couple of polishes that dried to a different color than it looked like in the bottle so I'd give it a chance. I was so disappointed and hated this polish for so long. I dubbed it my "80s hooker pink". While I was out taking pictures this morning I did notice something I hadn't before.

There is kind of a lilac shimmer in the pink. I don't know why NYC felt the need to focus on that in their display. I know it was a long time ago, but I still kind of hold a grudge. If you can't trust the bottle color and you can't trust the cardboard swatch, who can you trust?! *ugh*

So I was still hating this pretty fiercely today, more because of the VNL than the color, and then genius struck my brain!

I had totally forgotten about China Glaze Cracked Concrete!! Pink and grey are awesome together!! I think this crackle would also look pretty sweet over blue or *ahem* lilac as well. Or yellow, actually. It was so smooth and dried super quick with an amazing shatter design. I'm really glad to have it.

Yes, Abbie, I know you don't like crackle, but you have to admit it's a great combination. ;)

Still waiting for my Swagbucks payout to clear. Have even made enough to cash out for $5 on amazon. So weird, the more money you get for paypal the less it actually costs; the less you get for amazon the less it costs. And the dollar to point ratio between the two means you spend less getting a ton of $5 amazon cards than even the $100 paypal. Still, amazon can only be used on amazon while paypal can be used so many places. Including transferred to my bank account. So I'll have to see where my mood takes me next.

I can't believe it's Friday already. This week has just flown by!! At least my mom hasn't been quite as bad as she usually is when my dad's home. :/ She likes giving me a hard time. We love each other, buuuuuuut.... we're both scorpios and that has never served us well. Actually, we're both monkey scorpios and so we clash a lot. If she would just admit that I'm right we'd get along fine! LOL!!!! *ahem* Anyway, hope everyone's had a great week. Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. it looks like a barbie pink...but 80's hooker pink is a good name too! i lol'ed out loud when i read that!

    1. LOL Yeah... It was heart-wrenching the first time. I think my horizons have been expanded a bit.

  2. I guess the colours are pretty nice together but that's it ;) hahahaha

    1. LOL I know you don't like crackle, but I just can't stop myself! XD Sorry!


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