Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NYC 107A & Starry Silver Glitter

(*whispers* "I don't wanna post this, it's too bad!" "Oh just do it, maybe no one will notice?" "Are you kidding me? It's awful!" "It's not that bad, quit being a baby." "Shut up, you're a baby." "Am not." "Are too!" "SSSsssshhhhh! Just post it, they'll understand." "OMG fine. Bully." "Whatever.")

*ahem* Hi, everybody! :D Today I have for you a very unfortunate polish. Still trying to get these "meh" ones out of the way before my haul gets here. I'd like to reach a point where I can't decide because I'm so excited about everything in my stash. So last night I pulled out NYC 107A. Yep, another nameless polish!

107A is a sheer pink shimmer. It's old, but I'm pretty sure it's the same color it was when I bought it. Unlike some polishes that turned off-colored over time. This is three coats that were taking forever to dry, but thankfully I picked up a fresh bottle of NutraNail Speed Dry and that helped.

(*whispers* "Do you think they noticed?" "Uhm... yeah, it totally looks like they noticed." "Damnit! Told you." "Just post that other picture, it'll be fine.")

Hi again. You're probably wondering what happened to my nails. Tragic story. For weeks I've been telling myself to trim them down before something disastrous happened and, well... I waited too long. I was cleaning some rogue polish from under my pinky nail and....

SNAP! *ugh* So I took the opportunity to clip them all down because I definitely prefer my nails all the same length. It feels weird typing and texting, but they'll grow back.... I guess on the bright side full-nail stamping should be easier for a while, eh? Just looks like I have little kid fingers.... Anyway, length aside I never did like this polish. It's too frosty and too sheer. Not near as pretty as I was hoping it would be, but glitter makes everything better, right?

One coat of NYC Starry Silver Glitter. Dried quickly and I only had to fish a very little bit for big pieces. There's some silver micro-glitter in there with bigger pink and blue hex-glitters. HEB had a coupon so I got this for something like 45cents. NYC just really doesn't impress me much, except that they do have a matte topcoat which will be nice when my Warpaints Beauty finally runs out.

I think I like it better in the bottle. Maybe over black it would be nice, though. I mean, it's nice, but in an "ok" kind of way. Should get me through the day anyway. I think tonight I'll try out my last Julep and see if Sienna is more like Harley with the density and quick dry, or more like Melanie and Piper with the infuriating sprinkled jelly base. We'll see. *ugh* Time to get ready to take my mom to Temple. Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. hey there is nothing wrong with short nails! lol

  2. I actually really really like your nails that length. Suits you! Pretty polishes too :)

    1. Aw Thanks. :) I'm probably going to grow them out a little longer, but not much. It's just too drastic a change when one breaks.

  3. Oh man I know what you mean I have to keep filing constantly for fear of that happening! I do think your nails look nice at that length though :)

    1. Oh man, I can't even imagine what you go through to keep your nails in shape. They look fabulous! I know mine will never get that long, but that's ok. I'd seriously end up hurting myself. LOL


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