Monday, August 13, 2012

Nabi: Dark Purple (magnetic)

Hi everybody! *waves* Happy Magnetic Monday! After today I'll only have one more so I'm thinking of changing over to Metallic Monday to get through those SH Chromes. It could work. I am so exhausted!! LOL We finally got out to Brak's today and started working on the koi pond. Aaron wasn't going to let me help so he could just spoil me, but... I just can't sit by and watch him work without helping. It's not in my genes. I may not have done "a lot", but I did help. And I'll keep helping until it's done! Hopefully we can get up there tomorrow and Brak said we could work at night as long as we're quiet so we don't get the dogs a' barkin'. Is a possibility.

I now present to you Nabi Dark Purple. You ever get a bottle of polish home and suspect that it was played around with in the store? There was a ring of dried polish around the bottle neck and the formula was a bit lumpy. :/ So I don't really get to say "see how perfect this polish is all by itself" this time. It might be, it is a nice purple, but the magnet really made this one a lot nicer.

Instead of my previous multi-magnet attempts, this time I just took one of the straight-line magnets and.... wait for it.... turned it sideways! O_o I know, right? I'm a total genius. LOL

I love the depth in this one. Really shows off more of that intended 3D effect.

Actually, I'll be honest. I had the idea to turn the lines sideways after doing my right hand horizontal and, of course, the lines didn't reach fully across.

This would be so cool if the magnets were a little stronger or my nails were a little flatter. Fortunately turning the magnet 90degrees really helped disguise the non-reaching-ness. Wanna see it again?!

hehehehe If it was green it would look like watermelon. Oh wait, I have green! :D Cool. Just because I keep seeing it on other blogs, here's the polish name.

LOL After pond digging for about three hours Brak's mom surprised us by paying us. We weren't expecting that until the job is done. I'm gonna have to talk to her, though, cuz she paid us WAY more than the work was worth. Can't have that. Integrity! *ahem* Anyway, since we did have a bit of extra money Aaron decided he wanted to take the three of us (him, me and my mom) out to dinner. We went to the renovated China Star and OMG I absolutely stuffed myself. And here's my fortune cookie:

I wanted to get a picture of it on my empty plate, but I left my phone on the charger at home.... *oops* Then we took what was left and paid off Dishonored. Three games down, four to go. Yay! Then I got a nice surprise when I got home.

Stone Cold. In one piece! LOL As much as I really really want to wear it, I think I want to go for a neon tomorrow. If I have any left. We'll see. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. Never saw before a neon magnetic polish :) Look great.

    1. That is pretty bright, huh? Still debating if I want to pick up any of the cream-looking ones.

  2. Haha I like the idea of turning it round, you should totally do it with green :D hehe I have to say Aaron sounds so sweet!

    1. I should! I want to do a bigger polish/magnet experiment, but I'm really hoping to get one of the WnW ones first. :/ Thanks. teehee He really is. ;)


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