Friday, August 31, 2012

Misa: Beyond Infinity & Essence Haul!!

*blinks* Looks like I have two more followers. (^_^) "/" Hi!! hehehe Hope you enjoy it here. So... I was sitting here trying to figure out which of my many Misas to try first. I kinda wanted to try one of the Sci-Fi ones first, because.... well, just because. I want to hold off on the risque sounding ones for when I'm really feelin' it. Get the biggest kick, ya know? So, I kinda wanted to try one of the Star Trek sounding ones (Phazers and Shields and all that), but... I felt like I had just worn those kinds of colors recently. After much internal debate I finally settled on Beyond Infinity. Which keeps reminding me of Toy Story...

That picture is actually a lot more blue than it looks it real life. It has a strong steel-grey tint to it. Like this:

Course, that's all assuming I can trust my monitor settings. Probably get on the laptop and realize it's reversed or something. :p That's two incredibly smooth coats. Didn't quite dry quickly, but it didn't take forever either. Next time I see quick-dry drops for 99cents I may give those a try. And the brush is just great. After yesterday's monster I hardly had any cleanup today.

Did I say "haul"? Yes, I believe I did. Aaron wanted to buy me those heels, but after re-trying them on I realized I'd never walk comfortably in them. And for $40 I'm going to be wearing the shoes. I tried on six pairs of heels in varying heights and the ones I would be able to walk in either grabbed my ankles (painfully) or were kinda ugly.... Still, he said when we started the koi pond that he was going to spoil me, so he handed me some money and sent me off to Ulta. I checked the polish boxes that I only recently discovered and after about 30 seconds decided to look around for a bit first. I'm glad I did, because right around the corner was the essence display with the new Colour & Go polishes!!

The new bottles are 3ml bigger than the old ones (8ml instead of 5ml), but they cost twice as much. Still, $2/bottle isn't bad so I grabbed all of the them. Well, all of the ones I needed. A handful were the same color/name as the old set. I'm pretty sure at least two are the same color with different names, but the names were different so I grabbed them. :D The ones I grabbed are: Gorgeous Bling Bling, Walk On The Wild Side, L.O.L., Oh My Glitter!, Grey-t To Be Here, Chic Reloaded, Fame Fatal, Off To Miami!, Party Princess and Date In The Moonlight. Off the top of my head LOL looks like Lime Up and Chic Reloaded looks like it might be Where Is The Party?. Some of the repeats included Black Is Back, Space Queen, Sweet As Candy, Modern Romance, Ultimate Pink and.... the blue one... Let's Get Lost. So there you have it. Course, that's just what we get here. I hope they rotate them, because check out what they're getting in Europe. 50 of them!!! *pouts* Some of those look sweet, too. We don't even get half the collection....

Anyway, after that we went by the mall and since the polishes only cost half as much as the shoes he bought me a t-shirt as well.

Sailor Neptune! Not my favorite, but she's up there. :) And, no, it hasn't been all about me. I used my half of the money to buy him another jug of latex and the beginnings of his Beetlejuice costume. hehehe So we spoiled each other.

I haven't been mentioning it (other than the cash-out), but I beat the goal every day this month on SwagBucks! Again! So I'll be getting another hefty bonus boost. hehehe A England, I'm coming for you next! XD Y'all be safe out there. Apparently it's a holiday weekend.


  1. Very pretty colour! Nice haul as well :) You guys seem so sweet to eachother, love reading your blog!

    1. Thanks! :D We really try to be sweet because it makes living together so much easier. ;) So glad you like my blog!!

  2. How do u like the new essence polishes and brush?

    1. I've only used it for stamping so I don't know how they apply yet, but they do have the bigger flat brushes so it's going to take some getting used to. :/


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