Sunday, August 12, 2012

Markwins: "Dark Red" & CH Nail: 12

Good night, everybody! *snores*..... To support my continued efforts to wake up early (ya know, I used to wake up at 5am) Aaron had the magnificent idea to just stay up! Reset my internal clock and sleep like a baby. I did have a little nap, but I kinda had to. My eyes were vibrating in my head. If I stop making sense, fear not! It's just the exhaustion. ;)

So I wanted to go ahead and get the pink glow-in-the-dark out of the way. Somehow I got it into my head that I should layer it over red. I mean, why not? Glow 02 was packed full of glow! So I went up and down my list and finally decided to get this random unnamed Markwins polish out of the way.

Have you heard of Markwins? I got this polish out of one of those make-up gift thingies they sell around Xmas. It had a matching lipstick that I threw away a long time ago. I really wasn't expecting much from this particular polish, but it definitely surprised me!

You know I'm not a fan of red on my fingernails, and I think I figured out why. It kept reminding me of old-lady villain hands. :/ Still, this Markwins polish was so smooth and creamy. Dry time? What dry time?! I was floored. Two coats and half an hour later I was doing dishes!! Why isn't this company putting out polish like China Glaze and Zoya?!

It maybe coulda used a third coat, but in real life it wasn't noticeable. Anyway, I was only using it to 1) get it linked on the stash page and 2) as underwear for ChNail 12.

Now I'll just turn out the lights and....

Hey!! Where's my glow?! *gggrrrr* 12 went on a lot smoother than 02, so that was one thin coat. I tried again with two more thicker coats with the same results. I wish I could say it was a stroke of genius, but really it was a last ditch effort. I removed the polish from one finger and tried out 12 over white. But first!

I stood outside with my hand up in the air for about five minutes trying to charge the polish. LOL

That did it. What? Not convinced it's actually glowing? Here.

It doesn't pack quite the punch that 02 does. At least not as far as this swatching. Still, it's there, and you can tell from the bottle that it does glow... pinkish. Not green at any rate. So I'm moderately happy. Now for some good news, followed by some wtf news, and then some more good news. Ready?

Good News: Last time we had lunch with Aaron's mom he mentioned that I'd already filled up my polish drawers. She said that she was sorry because she had just thrown out a bunch of them while cleaning up. Aaron's uncle chimed in with "we should still have some in one of the other storage buildings" and guess what they brought me today!

YAY!! So now I can start moving things around and making more space for my upcoming massive haul. :D

WTF News: Apparently photobucket has a limit of 200 sub-albums per album. :/ I did not know this. I've figured out a method that should (hopefully) organize my blog album better and allow me to continue posting from the same account (unless they also have a file/GB limit I don't know about) for the next 100 years. I just have to go through, move the folders from this past year, and re-link all of the images. But as long as I can get at least one post updated before the end of the year, I'll be ok until 2014. LOL

Good News: Even after SwagBucks' little goal meter glitch this morning I am now officially 90% towards my $100 polish haul!!!! *dies* 90%!!! I can hardly contain myself! I can hardly believe it! I almost wish I had a decent-enough working camera to do a haul video... Maybe I'll get a new tape for the camcorder and see if that does it.

Anybody see any meteors last night? I saw two. The first one was long! Hit the atmosphere at just the right angle to streak nearly the whole way across the sky!! So cool. I made a wish. ;) I hope it comes true.... *ahem* Anyway, I did remember that tomorrow is Magnetic Monday so there's that to look forward to. And perhaps you lucky ladies will be treated to a pic or two of my sexy beast all sweaty and digging a giant hole..... XD Probably not because he really doesn't like me posting up pictures of him, but we'll see. If there's a demand for it. ;) Ok, two more hours to stay awake so I gotta skidoo and finish up my nails! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!!


  1. You have a massive haul coming :) can't wait. I always forget to show hauls on my blog I just add them on my youtube channel :) I like the polish shade is always nice when we are surprised with a shade we though was not going to work.

    1. lol I'm the opposite. I have a youtube account, but I always just post the videos on my blog. XD

  2. Lol old lady villain hands!! I think I know what you mean though, I put red on the other day and it just felt so boring and classic blurgh can't have sophisticated nails now can we? ;)

    1. Absolutely not! LOL We've been spoiled by COLOR!! hehehe


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