Monday, August 27, 2012

LA Girl: Polar Opposite & Surprise!!

Last night I was all jacked up and ready to prepare for Magnetic Monday. As much as I wanted to try the new Sinful Colors one I picked up I knew I had to use LA Girl Polar Opposite; otherwise I'd feel like I was just putting it off again. So I started with the thin base layer.

Since Sandy found that post on making your own magnets I really wanted to try it. Go here and you see the wobbly design in the goldish polish? She says it looks like a flower, I thought it looked like a black hole and that's the one I wanted to do. So I followed her directions...

It looked right. Well, more-so before I snipped it down to size. When tested on my palette, however...

WTF is that?.... *sigh* Whatever. It's still kinda cool in it's own rights. Unfortunately this magnet was extremely hard to use and the design didn't quite transfer onto the nail the way I had hoped.

Ah well. A valiant effort. I'll see if I can make up some kind of holder for it so I can get the magnet closer to my nail. Still, I wanted that "black hole" feel so I went ahead and used the bulls-eye that came with the polish.

I love how this little magnet just pops out of the top of the handle. And it was strong enough that I wasn't hindered by the lack of cuticle-guide.

Ultra neat. And even though some fingers had upwards of four coats (trying really hard to get my home-made magnet to work), everything was done and dried before bed. No sheet marks!

This morning I was woken up about an hour early with a text. I didn't mind so much, but I wasn't ready to get up yet. Until I checked my email on my phone and my SwagBucks payment went through! I flew out of bed, jumped on the computer to confirm and started placing orders.

That is my 17 polish haul from I also ordered Jade: Psicodelica (the silver holo) and a Sanrio stamping plate from and a new stamper from eBay. I still have, like, $6 left so I could have gotten one more, but I think I'll let it sit. Apparently A England is releasing a new "Gothics" collection and now I have my new SwagBucks goal! Another $100 payout exclusively for A England. :D Yep, I'm totally gonna. Maybe by Christmas? *fingers crossed*

All of that excitement got me in the mood for some stamping. As it turns out, I don't really have any alien designs. :/ Something to keep in mind, I suppose. So I picked this swirly design off of BM plate 224 and got to stamping with Sally Hansen Platinum Chrome.

Kinda hard to see with the glare. I wanted to matte it anyway....

Ok, it's pretty subtle. I wanted subtle, but not subtle subtle. Live and learn. Still, I wanted a bit more... After much debate I decided that the seahorse on Salon Effect plate SE19 looked enough like an alien...

I stamped that with... uh... Oh yeah, KleanColor Metallic Black. If I had thought about it I would have tried with Magia Negra for a little holographic "alien". That woulda been neat.

This is still pretty cool, though. I have to admit I really like the stark stamping over the subtle magnetic effect. Gives me ideas for future designs. :) And for those of you wondering if I really did get all that haul money online or if I just paid it myself for referrals:

There you go. $100 paypal deposit made by SwagBucks. It's not too late to get in on this. Just click here, sign up, and get to earning! Since signing up back in April I've cashed out $120. Which is a lot when you're talking about free online money... Unless you're Lacey who gets mad referrals on Copious. :p

Hey, lookit that! Didn't post before we headed out to grab supper and now I have something to add! I got some Hello Kitty stuffs from one of my long-time e-friends and my nail art brushes finally got here! To think, I was about to refer the transaction to the resolution center. Yay!!! Now to figure out what I'm going to do with my nails for tomorrow and *hopefully* get the last 39SBs I need for today's goal. *fingers crossed* Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. :)


  1. Love your mani there with the silver stamping on top of the magnet pattern. Very pretty :) Congrats on making so much on Swagbucks!

    1. Thanks and thanks! :D I'm glad to be excited about stamping again, and glad to have a new SB goal!

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