Sunday, August 26, 2012

KleanColor: Green Grass +plus

Oh my goodness. Today just ended up being full of surprises and now I feel all rushed to get ready for tomorrow. O_o Started off simply enough. I painted my nails with two coats of KleanColor Green Grass with the idea that I was going to try out my new stamping plates.

There is a bit of VNL after two coats, but it's such a pretty pure green and I was going to stamp anyway so I didn't worry about it too much.

I had enough time to reach my SwagBucks goal and play about an hour of Skyrim before my dad informed me that we had to leave for Dallas. Aw. So we re-packed up the car and headed out. The trip was pretty uneventful for the most part. Until this horrid downpour in Waxahachie! I couldn't see 50ft in front of me so I just shadowed this semi and concentrated on staying behind his tail lights and maintaining my distance. He was my guiding light. I'm actually really glad that he kept on truckin' cuz a lot of people pulled off to the side. That's how bad it was. We didn't have that kind of time, and neither did my guide, so we pushed through and made it safely out of the storm. :) Thank you Mr. Truck Driver Guy!! There were some sprinkles after that, and we did get a bit wet packing up my dad's truck, but nothing like that. Thankfully.

Since it was a bit later than we usually drop him off, Aaron and I were kind of hungry. He spotted a Taco Cabana that looked good to him on the way up, so that's where we stopped on the way back down. He'd been missing it since we don't have one here anymore and I've never been. It was fun to be able to just stop and eat so far away from here.

I got two regular beef tacos and he got two brisket tacos. :) I also tried their mango sweet tea and it was so much better than the peach sweet tea at Popeye's. A lot milder fruit flavor. So we just got home about an hour ago. I didn't feel like it would be worth the time to try and meticulously stamp a full mani, but I still wanted to try out at least one of my plates! So I compromised with myself.

Bundle Monster plate #BM-203.

Skittled! LOL Oh, hold on, I have it matte-ed to reduce glare...

I wasn't really trying, but I was kinda trying. I think I want to invest in one of those little stampers. From videos I've seen it looks like it might be bigger around than the Salon Express one I have. Pretty sure they have those for a buck or so on eBay so it won't break my heart if it doesn't work any better. Worth a shot!

So here I am with two days of blogs to catch up on and a magnet to make for tomorrow! Plus emails to go through. *fingers crossed* Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something super wicked awesome to share with you guys. :)


  1. Wow how lucky with that truck! It's seriously scary when it rains like that. I LOVE the green colour, so pretty :) Your stamping looks really good, what silver did you use?

    1. It was scary! The silver is Sally Hansen Platinum Chrome. I just grabbed a bunch of bottles so I'm not sure what the rest are. Except the green on my pinky is KleanColor Metalic Green.

  2. Liking the food:) Pretty stamping design

    1. Thank you. :) The tacos were pretty basic, but that's how I like them. lol


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