Saturday, August 4, 2012

Julep: Piper & Zoya: Chloe

Yes, it's late. Apologies. Had another Brak day! We took her to O'Mart (where I got some interesting eats I'll share tomorrow) and HEB (still no Wet n Wild magnetics *pouts*) and even though they were both super crowded we made it out alive and then she made the best salmon ever! So good. Then we hung out and chatted for a long while and that's why I'm late. It happens. If I was still in the habit of blogging only for myself I'd just change the date/time, but... I has low self-esteem and I don't want to get lost in your reading list. LOL So even though I've been feeling a bit down and off this week, today was a great Brak day.

Sadly, I did not have a great Brak Day polish to match! Julep Piper behaved just like Melanie!! *pouts*

Worse, even, because look at how sheer that is after three coats! C'mon Julep, that's not how metallic/chromes are supposed to work! I'm kind of disappointed and a little angry because I've had such great experiences in the short time I've been with Julep. Just that this line hasn't been living up to my (lofty?) expectations. At least it wasn't totally sheer from every angle...

I don't know what kind of base these have, but it just really took forever to dry. And.... Ok, I understand why my pinky is more stained than the rest of my nails. It's teeny so it ends up getting more polish. Why, oh why does my thumb keep bubbling?!

The only explanation I can think of is that I inadvertently get the basecoat on thicker? I'm going to try to be really careful about that because it's pretty frustrating. Especially since it's my thumbs that I see while I'm driving! LOL *ahem* I had an idea that maybe I could use a white or silver base under these metallics to get the bodacious color without all of the drama. Here's Piper after only one coat. What do you think? Smooth enough to work like that?

Maybe? I dunno. I love the colors, just the formula is infuriating. Since my drawers are packed so tight I'm a bit afraid to put Chloe in there so I've been keeping it on top of the... thing. Plastic drawer chest. So I decided to go ahead and see what she looks like over blue.

Pretty. Just I think she might need two coats to really pop. Still nice. I know I still have two Juleps, a Hello Kitty and an A England to swatch. I think I'm going to go down my list, though, and see if anything else calls to me first. Seriously can not wait to get my hands on those Misas.... I'll have to check some blogs, but I don't recall reading about my complaints on the formula. Either way: The Names! I love the names of the ones I picked. ;) Hope everyone's had a great week! Have a safe and fun weekend y'all.


  1. Such a shame, it was the only colour I liked from the ones you got! My thumbs are more prone to bubbling than my other nails too, I find that it's when I either have too much basecoat on (we put too much on cos thumbs are so much bigger but not as big as we anticipate :P) Or if I have tiny peely bits so I just file them down and the problem gets solved :).
    I'm travelling home now, 6-7 hours in a car :( at least I now have Internet woo so you will get lots of comments from me now :P

    1. lol At least it's not just me. ;) Have a safe trip! I'll be here going through the many many comments. :)


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