Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jade: Magia Negra & Ulta Haul!

HELLO, DARLINGS! Guess who is thoroughly enjoying her one true day off? Me! First, let's get to that polish I wanted to post yesterday:

Jade's Magia Negra is an absolutely stunning black linear holo polish.

These first few pics are indoors because I wasn't sure if we'd get sun today. That rainbow is from my regular table lamp!

I did test it first and it appeared to be a tad sheer. Possibly only two coats, but since this precious bottle is only 8ml I applied it over black. Super quick dry time. Lovely! The indoor pics make it look kind of green, outside you can tell it's definitely black.

So freakin' lovely and now I have to have the silver one. I know there are a few other silver holos out there (Layla, Nfu Oh, China Glaze), but Jade's version looks just as good for a fraction of the price.

omg Just look at that. I'm pretty sure these polishes come from Brazil, so I do have some animal testing concerns.... I'm trying hard not to think about it.... *slaps self* If you have to add this to your collection you can find it at Ninja Polish for $7.50 plus $2.00 shipping to the US. I know they ship internationally (Konadlicious is in Australia), I just don't know how much it costs. Video!

Wanna see how it looks in the shade?

Meh... it's like it's keeping a secret. lol Here's a couple pics I took with my phone while we were in Dallas yesterday.

I did try some holo stamping, but realized too late that nothing would show up on black. So I tried something else!

There is matte on my ring finger because I thought that would help the stamping show up. :/ My index finger has clear topcoat. It does appear to diminish the holo a teensy tinesy itty bitty little bit, but not terribly much.

Can you see my stamp? It's a lace strip done with Tristam.

Ulta Haul! And story time because I ended up spending an hour there and encountered so many surprises. First up, the overview!

Woah. Here I was doing so well swatching my collection... At least I had my $3.50 off coupon! So, I went in and the first thing I noticed was that they didn't have the giant clearance racks anymore. *poo* So I made my way back to the normal polish clearance aisle. The discounted prices did leave a bit to be desired, but I still managed to snag:

China Glaze Riveting and Admire for $4.99 each. Riveting caught my attention first. I almost didn't get Admire, but I keep passing over these metallic Romantique polishes so I figured I should grab it while it was (relatively) cheap. Then I made my way over to the "regular price" polish section. I almost got Swanky Silk until I came to my senses that I can get it for half price online, and I almost got the blue essie metallic but passed it over for:

Zoya Suri. It is a much deeper and more intense purple than it looks in the picture. I almost didn't get this one, too, because "I have too many purples", but then I remembered that I keep thinking that and I really don't have that many! So I got it. I could have stopped there. Probably should have stopped there, but no. I did not stop there. On my way to the register I decided to take a peak at their other clearance section; the one with lotions and stuff. There on the shelf is a box of polish! WHAT?!

The first thing I saw and grabbed was this bottle of Cracked Concrete for $1.99. I know it's old as hell, but I don't have a grey crackle yet. ;) After a bit of digging I was super shocked to find:

OMG!! A whole three essence polishes! One Colour & Go I never saw on the display called Got a Secret and two that I assume were from a french tipping set I also never saw! Pink Glam and Pretty Matt. Yes, "Matt". I'm hoping they meant "matte" because this shade of pastel apricot is most unflattering. Even so, it's essence and I had to have it. Don't you understand?! Of course you do, that's why you're here and why I lurves you. *ahem* That could have been the end. Should have been the end! Then... I turned around. Two more boxes of polish on the bottom shelf behind me!! *dies* So I crouched down and set my mounting haul on the floor near my feet while I rummaged. The first box was mostly some China Glaze and OPIs I wasn't interested in. The second box was more or less the same, except....

Hidden amongst the rest was essie Shine of the Times! *double dies* Another wicked awesome flakey and my first essie. :D Which I couldn't wait to try.

So I walked into Ulta with an intended budget of $10 and ended up spending $25.... Oops. I think I forgot to mention (here) that I also finally got to pick up one of the Wet n Wild magnetics!! So you've got that to look forward to tomorrow on Magnetic Monday. Yay! And here I wasn't sure I'd be able to decide what to wear next. lol

In other good news, I'm up to 97%! So I think after we feed my parents and I update my stash page I'll park myself right here and see if I can't get that cashout just a little closer. Yes, over the past week or so I've splurged on almost 20 polishes, but I'm still super excited about Misa!! Also, super excited to get the big ol' box of polish. hehehe Gonna be like Christmas, only better. Hope everyone's had a great weekend!!


  1. OMG it's out of stock online!! *cries*

    1. Aw They'll get more. I was sad, too, then I signed up for the email alert and a day or two later it restocked. It will be there!

  2. Gorgeous holo! I haven't bought any of the Jade ones yet.

    And great clearance haul--I never saw those Essence French ones at my Ulta, and I'm there so often it's silly.

    1. You should definitely get some. It's a great price, IMO. Essence is so sketchy over here... I think because they're so cheap the store people don't get that it's a big deal. They put out SO many specialty collections we'd be lucky to see at all over here. :(

  3. Dude that is seriously rainbowy! Holos are definitely like secrets in the shade :P nice haulin' clearance too, bonus!

    1. Score! I love clearance shopping. :D Never know what treasures are hidden in there. I definitely think I'm going to get the silver holo. The pinks and reds are kinda meh, but I have to have the silver to go with the black.


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