Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello Kitty: Minty & KleanColor: Silver Star

Hi, everybody! *waves* Guess what today is? It's "Stop playing video games for five minutes and clean up so Brak can come over Day"! XD A very busy day, indeed. I was unaware that SPVGFFMACUSBCCO Day fell on the same day as "Go spend time with Aaron's aunt and uncle who are visiting from Arizona Day", or GSTWAAAUWAVFA Day. So I'm a little behind on the cleaning. :/ *whoops*

Even so I've managed to procrastinate just enough to bring you two whole polishes! And a bit of other stuff. First up: Hello Kitty Minty!

Pretty! This one was a bit more finicky than Bubble Gum and this is three coats. Even so, these three coats were fully dry in about an hour.

You may see a teeny bit of near-baldness, but nobody's going to get that close. :p I love this color! It's a pretty pastel minty color that is almost day-glo bright! Insane! I noticed something with Bubble Gum, but I'd already gotten the pictures uploaded so I get to show you now.

hehehehe The little "shelf life" icon has a HK bow. Cute! And, as I mentioned before, the part where the safety-wrap peeled off the silver....

Aw. Ah well. I'm more interested in the bottle than the lid anyways. I don't know if you can tell the difference, but indoors Minty looked more blue than green. It's a close call either way, but here's inside with the flash.

Blue? Green? Both?! I dunno. It's an awesome color in an even more awesome bottle and I do not regret paying $10 for it. lol But.... it is still "just" a cream and I thought "This would make a good base for that star glitter I picked up".

This is one coat of KleanColor Silver Star. Uhm.... where are the stars?

I know they exist, I can see them right there in the bottle!

Oh there they are. I probably should have shaken the bottle before starting. :p Seriously, I was fishing for my left hand and they just didn't want to come out! Also, the bristles aren't really stiff so I had a hard time (near impossible) moving them around for the few I did get. Still, as with Peaceful Heart, I believe this will work out better in the long run. After the base thickens and the big glitters are left behind... LOL

I really have no good reason for bringing this up other than the fact that I had the camera with me in the bathroom. Wanna see what I'm reading?

Yep. Amidst the stack of Game Informer and a handful of King novels now resides this sure-to-be-trashy paperback. Goodwill. 99cents. I don't know if it will be any good, but it's got to beat staring at the walls. It's fairly interesting so far. The rich (money-wise) characters aren't all snobby-offputting and... that's about as far as I've gotten. There's one chick that's kind of a bitch, but there's gotta be one, right?

The lovely Lacey has done it again. Last night before bed I decided to check facebook and she had found another free $10 link for Copious. YAY!!! So I clicked the link, got my free $10, and then waited 'til this morning to scour the listings. This time, after about 45 minutes of agonizing, I settled on China Glaze Stone Cold. A polish I saw while searching-for-SBs and was debating adding to my wishlist. Now I don't have to! :D If you haven't seen it and want to know why I couldn't resist: click here..... Awesome, right?! Even better being free. And I made sure to check and it's a different seller than the one from which I recieved the cracked Chloe. So *fingers crossed*.

We did have a good time with Aaron's family. Had a bit of confusion ending up at the wrong McDonald's, but we found the right one eventually. It's nice to get to see people without needing a funeral to bring everyone together. Hopefully one day I can take him up to meet my extended family.

I guess that's it. Time to get back to cleaning. Whippee! LOL Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. The bottle is so cute. Love the stars and glitters topcoat :)

    1. Thanks. :) I like it, too. The bottles are so adorable I think I may have to pick up two more next month. ;)

  2. This looks kind of ghostly in a good way :), I can imagine that it was a pain to apply. Omg I've always wondered what that icon meant! It's so obvious now that you've told me lol don't know what I thought it meant haha I hope it lasts longer than 24 months!

    1. LOL I never gave it much thought until I was reading a post on polish thinner somewhere. I was like "OOoooooooohhh! I get it." :p Yeah, they kind of have to put that on there because it's a cosmetic, but bacteria can't live in nail polish so it never really goes bad. It'll separate or thicken or whatever, but 99% of the time it's totally fixable.


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