Monday, August 6, 2012

Eye Candy: Bourdeaux & Naked Nails

lol Every time I type that name I have to look at the bottle. Guess who remembered Magnetic Monday? Give up? It was me! XD So today I have for you the last of my Abbie-swap-polishes Eye Candy Bourdeaux. First up, unmagnetized and naked.

Not my normal kind of color, but I actually really liked it. Had a very creamy formula and while it is kind of red, it's a very sophisticated-yet-sassy kind of red. It dried to a semi-matte kind of finish that I was really digging. The problem with this is that it did dry pretty quickly so I had to work fast to get the magnet over the polish!

My index finger on the left I just held the magnet normally. My middle finger on the right I attempted to compensate for, at least, the top curve. I held the magnet normal for about 10-15 seconds and then tilted the magnet to help it cover the tip-area more fully. This kind of worked, but the intricate design didn't exactly line up as smoothly as I had hoped. It's all a learning process. lol Also, I don't know if you can tell, but Bourdeaux is very heavily pigmented. Removal is going to be a pain.

Time for naked nails! Not that I'm super proud of them, because I'm not yet. Not because I enjoy grossing you out either. lol This time I wanted to share a little something on my thumb and decided to just snap pics of the rest while I was at it.

I can't even tell if the stains are growing out or if I just keep restaining them. They are in far better shape as far as not breaking or peeling, though, and that's what's important. Even after the rigorous buffing a few months back. That part I can tell where it's growing out, but I have no intention of doing that again until this past round grows out.

Now, my thumb. I mentioned a while back that my left thumbnail felt really weird. Like it was digging into my thumb. Well, it's grown out a bit and it appears as though I have a bit of a curling issue going on here.

From that angle it kind of looks like I just had a spaz attack with my nail file, but no. I drew in an arrow to show you where the curving starts. Ow? I don't know what's up with it starting so low.

That line there is to illustrate the worst of the angle-ing and the arrow points to where it's actually digging into my thumb. At least that explains why my thumb looks like I filed it crooked after getting the polish on. :/ I did file it down a little bit, but there's no way I'm trimming it that short. I guess I should count myself lucky that it's just the one nail; and that nail doesn't make it into as many pics. I guess it's not such a big deal, just that sometimes it does dig in a bit so it kinda hurts. *shrugs* Just wanted to share that with y'all.

I guess that's it. Gonna remove Bourdeaux before starting dinner (grilled cheese *yum*) and try to load up blogger on my laptop. Switching browsers didn't work, maybe switchign computers will. :/ I really am reading everybody's posts! Abbie says she's getting my comments in her email, hopefully you are, too. I love you guys!!!


  1. Your naked nails look nice and strong! What are you doing to keep the peelies away?

    1. Thank you. :) I don't really do anything special. I use the "strong nails" remover (whichever is cheapest) and LA Colors Ultra Nail Hardener basecoat. That seems to help. They used to be really peely.

  2. It seems like a classic shade, the name really suits it :P. Do you like the magnet? I think it's my favourite pattern, it's edgy but classy unlike real fishnets ;)

    1. I love the magnet! Such an interesting design. :D Thank you so much for helping me get it. *hugs*


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