Thursday, August 23, 2012

Essence: Got A Secret & Max Factor: Blue Bombshell

Another day, another trip! Today I took Brak down to Round Rock for an appointment. Neither of us had been to the building before, but it wasn't terribly hard to find. At least we managed to be early. :) For the occasion I did a little bit of polish layering to match the snazzy shirt she helped me pick out. Which I didn't get a picture of, so... kind if irrelevant. :p First up I started with two coats of essence: Got A Secret.

I think the pictures are coming off a little blue... Got A Secret looked to be more of a true grey.

It dried really quickly, but I guess maybe I didn't leave enough time between layers so I got a bit of sheetmarks. :/ I suck so bad! LOL Going along with my efforts to swatch polishes I'm feeling kinda "meh" about I then layered one coat of Max Factor's Blue Bombshell.

I got this in a two-pack at Dollar Tree. The base was really oily (it keeps separating) so it's got kind of a weird yellow tinge, but I think it also helped the quick-dry spray work better?

Minus the yellow tint, it is prettier than I expected; maybe a second or third coat would help it. I knew it was going to be ultra sheer, though, and that's why I layered. :) Since the shirt I was wearing has these 70s colored stripes I had to pull out my dotting tool and make a little 70s inspired flower.

Little lopsided.... I always seem to have issue with the first dot. -_- I already know what color I'm getting out of the way for tomorrow. I've worn it before (a long, long time ago; Sandy might remember it) and it is häßlich!! So hopefully I can find the time for some intense stamping. LOL Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. I'm practising my flower dots too. Somehow I though it was more easy than it really is :)

    1. It is a bit tricky getting all of the dots the same size.... lol


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