Wednesday, August 15, 2012

China Glaze: Stone Cold

OMG I love this polish! *dies* China Glaze Stone Cold is everything I hoped it would be.

Lookit that! They made a polish that matches the bottle cap! LOL

Awesome. Now, I know you can just google up this polish and find all kinds of swatches of it in it's natural matte state and shiny, so I had to do something a little different. Something.... educational?

Experiment time! From left to right: natural matte, matte over shiny, shiny and matte over matte. Yep, cuz I know a lot of people will shiny up a matte polish just to prevent chipping, but that had me wondering if re-matte-ifying would give you the same result as leaving it matte to begin with. Let's see, shall we?

Normal vs Shiny+Matte
Normal vs Shiny
Normal vs Matte

Neat, huh? LOL Ok, I know it's a tad hard to tell because my stupid camera has a 50/50 shot of tinting everything red when I zoom too close and even taking 3 shots of each nail... I didn't quite get the same color tone on each finger. *boo* From what I noticed in person, though, adding the matte topcoat over shiny topcoat sort of hit a bit of the shimmer. Shiny, obviously, changes the whole thing, but not in a really bad way. Kind of reminds me of Ulta's Little Black Dress, so it's nice to have a matte version. Matte topcoat over the natural matte finish didn't appear to change it too much. The shimmer may be a little more diffuse, but... I don't see me adding matte to matte regularly. Just had to add it in the experiment for completion's sake. Which version is your favorite?

Ok... it's looking like photobucket is experiencing technical difficulties. Again. Hopefully by the time you get to read this it'll be sorted out. I was going to work on refiling, but I can't really do that until I can see what I'm moving around on my blog. Duh, right?

Guess what!! I've been doing this online research forum dealy for the past month and I got my first payment! Voucher for $10 worth of gift cards. Of course I picked amazon (paypal wasn't an option) and ordered up China Glaze Jade-D (yep, the green glitter crackle) and Nubar Black Polka Dots. *SQUEE!* I can't wait.

OMG I'm such a bad cousin. LOL Got caught up in keeping my coding straight on that table almost forgot Alexis made cupcakes!

Cute!! :D Got a lot of digging done today. We're working about 2 hours a day. In this heat any more would probably kill us. Making decent progress, though. My dad should be coming in for his vacation soon, too. Dallas trip! Ok, time to do my nails and catch up on y'all's blogs and hopefully photobucket will get their act in gear so I can sort some stuff while Aaron's on the 360. I keep getting distracted with Skyrim.... G'night everybody!


  1. That's a very pretty manicure. The cupcakes look so nice. Stone cold shade is pretty. I think I would wear it with a topcoat to make it shiny.

    1. It is very nice shiny. :) I love Alexis' little nail art projects. She's so talented.

  2. omg i NEED that color!! i see a polish trip coming soon! :)

    1. Thought you'd like it. ;) Ulta might have it on clearance if there was any leftover from the Hunger Games displays. If not you can easily find it online.

  3. I'm not just saying this but I've genuinely often wondered if I could make a matte polish last longer by topcoating it then mattifying it! Lol! Great minds ;) I can't believe how different they all look though!

    1. It is a good idea, I'm sure it would last longer. It did seem to hide some of the sparkle, but it wasn't really much of a difference. Might not even be able to notice depending on the polish. :)


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